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Top 5 Reasons Why MacOS Sierra Offers Significant Changes to Your Apple Experience


The new operating system of Apple "MacOS Sierra" has received positive reviews among tech analysts. Aside from the free OS update, "MacOS Sierra" is said to be a new era lying closely to iOS and WatchOS. Before upgrading, it's important to know the reasons as to why it's worth the upgrade.

Free Update to Current Mac Owners

Everybody loves free! Apple is offering a free update of "MacOS' Sierra to Mac Owners with 2010 systems and few from 2009 systems as well. Another good thing is the new OS will come pre-installed on the subsequent Mac devices in the coming days according to CNET. Thus, there is a possibility of a "MacBook Pro 2016" laptop run by "MacOS Sierra".

Siri on Mac

The well-loved Siri in iOS is now in Macs to make the user's life more convenience than ever. There are a lot of things that Siri can do in a Mac - local shops, news, weather and landmarks and some mundane tasks. But the most useful trick with desktop Siri is the file searching in which a file can be easily located by just keying in the date or the keyword of a certain file.

iCloud Sharing and Optimization

Automatically synching of document folders from multiple Macs is possible with MacOS Sierra. At this point, iCloud serves as the alternative for Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud services. Adding files in iCloud is easy as drag and drop. Other than that, iCloud features an automatic deletion of items in the trash folders after 30 days.

Apple Watch to Unlock Mac

So far, this is the biggest innovation offered by "MacOS Sierra". Unlocking Mac through Apple Watch is possible if a certain Mac user owns an authenticated Apple Watch run by Watch OS3 and both devices are signed into one Apple ID according to Mac Rumors. Users need not to enter a password during the unlocking of Mac.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is extended to the web through "MacOS Sierra". As a result, users need not to authenticate their identity when paying because authentication has been done already through an unlocked Apple Watch attached to the user's wrist or through the Touch ID button for iPhone.

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