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Top 5 Features to Expect from the Delayed ‘MacBook Pro 2016’


"MacBook Pro 2016" rumors are keep on coming as the days go by especially now that October is just around the corner and others are expecting Apple to launch the 2016 laptop flagship by then. Despite the 'MacBook Pro 2016" rumored specs, there are some of it that are likely to exist.

What to Expect from "MacBook Pro 2016"?

The delayed launching of "MacBook Pro 2016" has caused anxiety to other Apple fans that are patiently waiting for the laptop flagship to come out. October launching is deemed as legit. However, the deafening silence from Apple caused a stir to the fans and speculations like 2017 launching date has started firing out. Before anything else, let's look at the top 5 features which are likely to exist in the upcoming "MacBook Pro 2016".

1 - Thinner and Lighter

"MacBook Pro 2016" is said to come in two variants - 13-inch and 15-inch. Both will sport a thinner and lighter compared to the current MacBook Pro. According to Mac Rumors, shallower curves around edges are expected as well as a flatter keyboard and pressure-sensitive trackpad.

2 - Innovative Keyboard

Dynamic function row is a replacement of physical function keys. Along with it is the support for Touch ID with sensor that is likely to be incorporated with the power button.  OLED Touch Panel is also expected to be included in the new Apple laptop.

3 - No Headphone Jack

The removal of the old 3.5mm headphone jack is expected from "MacBook Pro 2016". Though it is not yet confirmed whether the laptop will use the iPhone 7 Wireless AirPods technology or the lightning port according to Mac World. However, rumors suggesting that Apple would be completely kill off the headphone jack to its subsequent devices.

4 - Cellular 4G Connectivity      

Apple is targeting to bring out a 4G-enabled MacBook Pro due to the decrease costs found in 4G connectivity and SIM-only deals. There were rumors back in 2007 that the 4G-enabled MacBook Pro will have an external antenna but that was scraped out knowing the sleek design of "MacBook Pro 2016".

5 - Apple Pencil Compatible Trackpad

In 2014, Apple has been granted a patent application regarding the new ways to interact with "MacBook Pro 2016" through the use of Apple Pencil. Thus, the new laptop is expected to have an Apple Pencil compatible trackpad.

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