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‘Google Nexus 2016’ Release Date: ‘Pixel X and Pixel XL’ Compatible with Google Daydream; Oculus and PlayStation VR are Coming


The most talked-about Google event happening in October is believed to bring more hardware and software innovations that will make everyone drool. This includes the long rumored Pixel X and Pixel XL phones (nee "Google Nexus 2016") which are expected to be compatible with Google Daydream a VR platform. Oculus and PlayStation are set to be released in both separate events.

Everyone is excited for the upcoming Google event coming October 4 that is said to be a feast for hardware and software most especially to virtual reality technology or simply referred to as VR. According to Venture Beat, this year's adoption of VR technology is set to leave a mark for everyone to consider VR as part of daily life. Google will highlight their first ever VR platform called Daydream that is said to be compatible with "Google Nexus 2016" phones or the Pixel X and Pixel XL.

Aside from the upcoming "Google Nexus 2016" phones, other android smartphones manufacturers are also planning to build new phones that are compatible with VR Daydream. Google VR Daydream headset and controller will cost around $80.00 per set according to Pocket-Lint. Also, Google is also set to debut the Chromecast 4K, Google Home and Google Wi-fi in October event.

On the other hand, Oculus Touch and PlayStation VR are also set to be released in October. Oculus is said to debut right after the Google Event while PlayStation VR is one week after the Oculus developers' conference. Oculus Touch will let the users shared movements in a virtual world such as holding hands, head movements and voice transporting. PlayStation VR console will come with a super-comfortable headset with at a price of $399.00 lowered than its competitors Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Virtual Reality or VR system is currently making a leap into latest technology. And it is worth mentioning that the three VR platforms will be release before the Thanksgiving Day. 

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