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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Leaks Confirmed In New Trailer [VIDEO]; New Toucan Pokemon Spotted?


A sharp-eyed Redditor known as Senpai-Thuc spotted a toucan-like Pokemon on one of the characters' shirt in the recently rolled out "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trailer.

The new trailer unveiled a slew of brand new Pokemon including a Fighting-type Passimian, a Normal/Psychic-type Oranguru along with Rockruff's evolutions, Lycanroc, in battle. In addition, it also gave us a glimpse of a non-offensive Z-Type move for Eevee, which elevated all stats of "eon" Pokemon.

Trainer customization is a returning feature for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" with several ways to customize, including an array of clothing options (and the choice to not have a hat) and dying of hair. However, one quick scene that show some of the female trainer's clothes shows a new top that looks as if it has a Toucan on it.

Not much to shout about but, The Pokemon Company has been putting Pokemon designs on trainer's shirt starting in X and Y, and quite a few have already made an appearance in Sun and Moon. Besides, there are no "normal" animals in Pokemon world. In other words, a Toucan Pokemon could be coming to" Sun and Moon" in near future, iDigitalTimes reported.

Later, a character in one of the trailers was spotted donning an Alolan Exeggutor shirt. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that The Pokemon Company could just be using this as a design.

The much awaited role-playing video game got a new trailer earlier this week, revealing some version-exclusive monsters. Moreover, the trailer confirmed Chinese leaks that surfaced online in July.

Not too long ago, translations were posted on the Smogon University forums revealing details about the forthcoming games. Among the reveals, it was disclosed that Rowlet, Litten and Popplio evolve in to an archer, a wrestler and a siren respectively. Moreover, Rockruff was said to evolve into a werewolf, there will be no gyms and latest Pokedex additions comprise of a rugby monkey.

It can be recalled that most of those details have proved to be true. We've already seen Rockruff's evolved dark form, gyms being replaced by trials and the rugby monkey's named was revealed as Passimian a few days ago.

Citing its proven validity, what else could be in the offing?

Aside from everything Nintendo has revealed so far, "Sun and Moon" is said to feature monsters based on snowman, sea cucumber, dolphin and mushroom. Moreover, there's Marshadow, a Pokemon that will feature a never-before-seen typing.

Rumor mills have been churning these speculations for months now, but this week's trailer offers enough evidence to prove them accurate.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is slated to hit the store shelves on November 18. Stay tuned in here for more updates, leaks and news for "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon."

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