‘Pokemon Go’ Update & News: Latest PokeVision Alternatives Revealed; But Will Niantic Ban You For Using Them?

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Capturing Pokemon could be quite backbreaking, especially bearing the developer's terms of service in mind. While Niantic continues to lay down its ban hammer on "Pokemon Go" players found using any sort of third party apps to level up in the game, quite a few gamers are still looking for something similar to PokeVision and completely opting to ignore the risk of getting banned.

Niantic Labs implemented bans in bid to curb cheating in the game, making it extremely difficult for players to resort to the third party apps. However, a few stubborn players have refused to quit using these apps.

Why Do Players Resort To Third-Party Apps?

Niantic's "Pokemon Go" is not spared from flaws. Players eventually exhaust every way to make game easier for them; in this case, it is all about getting their hands on the Pokemon characters, Morning News USA reported.

Niantic does not approve of the aforementioned third-party apps and continues to implement bans to those violating their terms of services. Much to the dismay of avid gamers, PokeVision was also taken out of the mix, but not everyone seems to take heed of this.

Fret not! A slew of other apps replacing the banned PokeVision have been cropping up:


One such app is PokeEye. The app boasts a scanner for use with maps where players don't really need to be physically present to find the mystical creatures. The app comes with a timer that shows how long a Pokemon will be in a particular location.


Another notable alternative is PokeVS. It features a scanner identical to PokeVision. Players need to visit their website i.e. to get help. It is important to bear in mind that PokeVS does not offer filters, but there are several Ratata to be found, SlashGear reported.


As the name suggests, this app helps scan Pokemon fast. It does this by simply searching the area on a certain location and returns the number of recognized Pokemon based on the PokeDex ID.


The team behind FastPokeMap is gearing up to debut a quick-scanning model that offers a comparatively wider range of alternatives. The folks behind FastPokeMap are currently hard at work at this as several players scan at all hours of the day and night. Owing to this, some regions garner less luck in scanning than others.

Again, players should bear in mind that Niantic does not approve of these third party apps. While some may get away using these alternatives, Niantic is likely to pin them down eventually and reward them with a game ban.

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