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'Pokemon Go' Nests: Where To Find Them And How They Actually Work


Niantic is gearing up to change some of the established rare nest and spawn locations in bid to keep zealous Pokemon trainers hooked to the hit augmented-reality mobile game, "Pokemon Go."

Previous reports have indicated that Niantic is likely to start a rotation on the said features so that players can continue hunting.

For those unaware, Nests are places where scads of same creature appear regularly. Players should bear in mind that Nests are different from the regular, random spawns that happen in "Pokemon Go." For instance, if you bump into a Pidgey while walking down a street, it doesn't imply that there's a nest nearby, according to reports on iDigitalTimes.

Much to the surprise of avid gamers, Niantic modified locations last month and as a result, some of the popular breeding grounds for rare pocket monsters including Dratini transformed into Eevee spawn instead. Besides, it is also speculated that getting your hands on Dragonite is likely to become even harder with its average spawn rate being one in every 100,000 Pokemon available.

In bid to help each other, some of the users have been keeping an eye on the purported nest migration on a Reddit thread dubbed as The Silph Road.

The developer does not unveil an exact list of latest spawn changes when they roll out updates, and which is why players have to adopt an experimental approach when it comes to finding rare Pokemon.

The community also offers what looks like a Nest Atlas to track down shuffled locations and resume the hunt without breaking a sweat. Members can register every nest they come across in their area or while traveling.

Apparently, every few weeks just ahead of a considerable game upgrade, Niantic alters the nests dramatically. Quite a few spawns, as reported by Forbes, underwent radical transformations including Eevee to Kabuto, Slowpoke to Magnemite / Dodo, Ponyta to Slowpoke / Magnemite, Poliwag to Abra, Mankey to Growlithe, Venonat to Diglett, Oddish to Paras, Vulpix to Jigglypuff, Clefairy to Vulpix, Pikachu to Sandshrew, and Ekans to Pikachu among others.

With the purported "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 just around the corner, the rare nest and spawn locations are likely to change again. Meanwhile, The Nest Atlas is being updated with every changes made on a regular basis.

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