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'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks To Catch The Mysterious Ditto!


One of the key facets of "Pokemon Go" is catching Pokemon and tens of millions of players are going berserk trying to get their hands on their favorite Pokemon, but catching 'em all isn't quite an easy task. For instance, despite exploring the game's limits at all hours of the day, no one has found Ditto until now.

Here are a few tricks you can try to unlock the coveted monster in the Pokedex!

Despite being a non-legendary Pokemon, Ditto has not yet been captured by any of the "Pokemon Go" players until now. Nevertheless, avid gamers of the mobile sensation are leaving no stone unturned in bid to capture the mystical Ditto.

Though Ditto is a starter Pokemon just like a slew of other creatures in the game including Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pikachu, yet it is the most appealing among them. Ditto is basically an unsymmetrical purple blob with an ability to duplicate its opponent, but it fails miserably if it tries to do so by just banking on its memory.

Apparently, Ditto is rumored to be a failed attempt at creating Mew and its only power is duplicating another Pokemon.

Niantic CEO, John Hanke remained tight lipped about how to find Ditto during an interview with TechCrunch. However, he guaranteed it will happen for the "Pokemon Go" players.

While this could be an indication that Ditto is yet to be included in the game, optimistic gamers are not ceasing to theorize that unveiling Ditto is another Easter Egg that Niantic has in store for them and they just have not discovered a way to crack it yet.

Here's How To Capture Ditto

Some of the theories currently doing rounds, and yet to be tried out by the "Pokemon Go" community on Reddit include:

Similar to the Eevee Evolution trick, you have to rename Pikachu to either "Pikacha" or "Pikachan" as that's exactly what Ditto pronounced again and again amidst his first failed attempt at duplicating Pikachu. But, there's no word on whether or not the renaming needs to be done after catching Pikachu or while evolving it.

Its important to bear in mind that Ditto may be camouflaged as Bulbasaur. You have to turn on augmented reality mode while running into a Bulbasaur and also take a picture of it to find out if it changes into a Ditto after taking its photo, Morning News USA reported.

Aside from the usual PokeBall, UltraBall, and Great Ball, you might discover a "Pester Ball" as the game moves forward. When thrown at a Bulbasaur, this varicolored ball compels it to unravel its true identity and you will know for sure if there is a Ditto undercover as a Bulbasaur.

If you notice a white arrow around the creature you're trying to catch, just flip around 180 degrees from the spot where the Pokemon appears at the center of the screen and then point the in-game camera in an opposite direction.

Press Pikachu to see if it makes any other noises besides its traditional sound. A weird sounding Pikachu might actually be a Ditto.

There's a possibility that Ditto might actually be limited to South American regions.

The Man Who Captured Ditto

A "Pokemon Go" players claimed that Niantic has gifted him Ditto.

The aforementioned player's server reportedly crashed while he was trying to purchase a few items such as PokeCoins on Pokemon Go store. He emailed a formal complaint to the game developer. The developer not only apologized for the server failure, but also reimbursed him by sending an array of lures, incense and most notably, a never-before-seen 1 km egg.

When he hatched the egg, nothing appeared on his screen right away, but he realized that Ditto had been registered on his Pokedex!

He didn't waste any time in posting a video on social media which clearly showed him in possession of the coveted Pokemon. But by the time he was interviewed by a Redditor, his Ditto had dropped out of sight.

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