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'Pokemon Go' Plus: Here's How To Capture Pokemon And Collect Items Without Even Touching Your Phone [VIDEO]


Avid players of "Pokemon Go" are well aware that 'catching 'em all' could be quite laborious, but that hasn't stopped them from trying to collect items and catch these coveted critters, sometimes, with a little help from some tricks, tips, cheats and even hacks that are currently doing rounds online. 

While Niantic continues to lay down the ban hammer on those found cheating in the game, the developer recently released Pokemon Go Plus in bid to help players capture some regular and a few never-before-seen creatures in the game.

Apparently, the Niantic-made peripheral is expected to pull players back into the game.

The entire experience of using Go Plus is quite elementary as the device is easy to pair with your iPhone as it uses Bluetooth LE, and you don't even need to quit the "Pokemon Go" app itself in order to connect them, according to Tech Crunch's Darrell Etherington. Pairing the device to your smartphone is quite easy as well.

On your smartphone, go to the main menu and tap the PokeBall icon and then hit Settings. If you're on the latest version, you'd notice a new "Pokémon Go Plus" menu item. Simply press the physical button on your device and tap the line item that shows up in the app itself telling you it found the device.

Pokémon Go Plus connects to both iOS and Android versions of the hit augmented-reality mobile game via Bluetooth, according to Engadget.

The $35 accessory is a tear-drop shaped slab of plastic featuring an opaque button in the center that glows various colors based on the response it gets from the actual game.

A red light indicates that the Pokemon managed to get away, and there's no chance to retry capture with the help of just the Go. In other words, you either capture the Pokemon on the first attempt or it gets away.

Also, the device lights up and vibrates when a nearby Pokemon or PokeStop is detected.

The accessory sports a clip on the back to enable players to wear it on a belt, backpack strap or even collar. Alternatively, players can pop it into the enclosed lanyard bracelet.

You have to unscrew the back of the accessory with a tiny screwdriver, separating the clip and uncovering the battery and then re-screw it into the bracelet case. Though it's not difficult, but it is quite delicate work.

More information - such as number of items received, and whether or not a Pokemon was captured successful - is displayed via the on-screen notifications.

But that's not all! Niantic has added more features than it originally guaranteed, including buddy training, the ability to capture never-before-seen Pokemon, and step tracking for hatching eggs.

Will you buy this new Pokemon Go Plus accessory? What do you think about its features? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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