iPhone 7 Home Button and Tips: How to Force Reset, Enter Recovery, and Access DFU Modes


iPhone 7 boasts a few changes to provide more convenience. However, these changes may give confusions to the iPhone users, especially when it comes to home button.

In this article, it will discuss some tips on how to use the home button, enter recovery and access to DFU modes. Just keep reading this article.

New device means a lot of changes. For avid iPhone users, and even those who will buy iPhone for the first time, you may experience a lot of changes. In this article, it aims to guide readers on how to use the home button and other simple tips for iPhone 7.

Before iPhone 7 was introduced, there were rumors suggested that Apple's new device has no headphone jack. It was only confirmed when it was officially introduced to the public.

Aside from headphone jack, the tech giant also ditched the home button. Some users may be wondering how this will work.

How to force reset?

To force reset the previous iPhone models, all you need to do is to hold down power button and the home button at the same time until, and wait until the screen turns black and the Apple logo appears. However, to force reset the iPhone 7 is very different from the previous iPhones, according to PC Advisor.

To reset the iPhone 7, you will hold down the Power button on the right side of the device and the Volume Down button on the left side at the same time, then wait for the familiar black screen and Apple logo.

Recovery mode

Connect your phone to PC or Mac using a Lightning to USB cable. Afterwards, press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time until the screen goes black and the logo shows up. However, in this case, you should keep holding the Power button and the Volume Down button even after the appearance of the Apple logo. You can only release the buttons once the Connect to iTunes appears on the iPhone 7's display.

DFU Mode

Connect your phone to the PC or Mac, then press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for 10 seconds, then release the Power button, but hold the Volume Down button for 10 more seconds.

How to exit?

You need to force reset the phone.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were both released on Sept. 16, with the prices, at $649 and $749 in the US, Know Your Mobile reported.

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