'Pokemon GO Plus' Android Issues, Accessory, Android and iOS apps [UPDATE]


Some Android users may feel disappointed as a new report suggests that "Pokemon Go Plus" have some issues on Android devices. Although Niantic, creator of "Pokemon Go," launched a device that allows players to play the app without opening it, many users shared the issues they have encountered.

"Pokemon Go" app has been downloaded over 500 million times globally. Since some players have other activities aside from catching pokemons, Niantic decided to release a device that will help them catch virtual monsters while they are on the go.

"Pokemon Go Plus," a device launched by Niantic. The company announced that this device is available in limited quantities, which cost  $35. Some customers will have to pay  €35 or £35, depending on the region.

The  "Pokemon Go Plus" is useful as it helps players to conserve battery on their smartphones. While some players are on the move, the device allows them to catch pokemons without using their phones.

How "Pokemon Go Plus" works?

The device is just a companion device for "Pokemon Go" app. The device will connect to the phone via Bluetooth, according to Phone Arena. By using this device, "Pokemon Go" players can keep their phones in the pockets, but they can still collect and capture Pokemons, while on the go.

While some "Pokemon Go" players are wishing to get a "Pokemon Go Plus," there are players shared that they had experienced on using the new device. One player started a thread on Reddit with a subject, "Anyone on Android having trouble connecting the PoGo+?"

More and more commenters described the problems in the same thread. Some commented that they can connect, however, their devices suddenly disconnected within a few minutes.

Apparently, the user suggests that the device is not working as it has connection issues. After the thread posted, many users reported that the device is not working, particularly, the device is not connecting to their Android phones.

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