Football App Start-up With Racy Name To Give $1-Million Prize? Nokia-commissioned ESPN Fantasy Football Discontinued?


For a start-up business, the name is one of the major factors, so people will remember you for centuries. This could be reason why a football app start-up named their company with a racy name.

Friends and business partners Jeff Johnson and C.J. Karchon has founded a company with a racy name, FourPlay. For some people, they find the name sexy.

Fourplay, a football mobile app that offers users to pick four winners of pro and college football games weekly.

How the app works?


It's actually simple. Users need to select a commissioner, sign up, and if all picked teams win, it means you win. The app is available on Apple and Android phones.

One of the major challenges of start-up businesses is to attract new players (or customers). So aside from making a unique name, Fourplay thinks something that will call the attention of new customer, and that's why they come up with this idea- give a $1-million prize to players (the commissioners gets $100,000) who continue picking winners during the entire season.

The partners are also seeking for more investors to roll out similar games for other sports, Detroit Free Press learned.

Fourplay is not the first football app. Back in 2012, Nokia announced apps exclusively for Lumia platform-one of them is ESPN Fantasy Football App, which was delivered to the Windows Store in August 2012.

However, on Monday Sept. 19, the ESPN Fantasy Football App was reported to discontinue on Wednesday, Sept. 21, as some users received an email informing them that Nokia "discontinuing support for the ESPN Fantasy Football app on Windows phones."

Despite the bad news, the email informs the users that they can still access their fantasy football teams and ESPN's fantasy football content on Windows 10 device or on computer by navigating to, MS Power User reported.

ESPN Fantasy Football App allows users to manage multiple teams, and even follow the match ups in real time. Users are allows add/drop/trade players, and even make the last-minute lineup changes, according to the source.

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