Fans Save Nelly From IRS: 'Hot In Herre' Streams Increase, Fans Use Spotiy To Help Rapper Pay His Taxes


Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr. is known professionally as Nelly, a rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, is currently facing debt problems. His fans are willing to save him fro IRS debt.

Nelly was reported has $2.4 million federal debt on Sept. 11, in a report by TMZ. The debt is big, and if the singer won't able to pay the debt, the IRS could start seizing his assets and property, according to the source.

After this report spread online, his fans immediately showed support. On Twitter, the hashtag #SaveNelly began to trend. But how can they save their idol aside from showing support via Twitter?

On Spin, it headlined, "Nelly Needs At Least 287,176,547 "Hot In Herre" Streams to Pay Off His IRS Debt," which aims to gather money enough for Nelly's debt by steaming his 2000 hit, "Hot In Herre." His hit single must be steamed 287,176,547 times in order to reach the amount of $2,412,283.

The website aims to facilitate the steaming process. The website has a ticker. This is use for keeping track the numbers of streams that Nelly needs in order to reach Spin's estimate.

It seems fans' support for the singer/rapper shows a good result. In a recent report, the "Hot in Herre" streams grow amidst rally to save Nelly from IRS debt. This week, "Hot in Herre" steams have increased 90%.

The idea of helping St. Louis rapper by getting funds to pay his debt via streaming party was actually suggested by Twitter users. Although many online users post such Nelly-related memes on such social media, Nielson reports confirmed that the rally to #SaveNelly was legitimate.

As the rally to save Nelly from debt started, his single steam also started to rise, The Fader reported.

On Sept. 13,"Hot In Herre" stream increased 219% by earning 269,000 streams. This 2002 single earns about 50,000 to 60,000 streams a day. Overall, it garnered 714,000 audio streams.

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