Justice League

Why Zack Synder Might Make History; John Cleese Foreshadows Joining ‘Justice League’?

Nov 30, 2016 PM EST It seems like the DC Comics is cooking some comedic touch if the buzz about Monty Python icon John Cleese joining the "Justice League" cast is true.

Jason Momoa Thought He Would Play A Villain In 'Justice League' [Video]

Nov 09, 2016 PM EST Momoa's first thought when Snyder approached him for a role in "Justice League" is that he was going to play a different character for the movie. He initially thought he was going to portray a bad guy ...

‘Justice League’: ‘Game Of Thrones’ King Of The Wildlings To Portray Steppenwolf [Video]

Nov 07, 2016 PM EST "Justice League" has found its resident bad guy in "Game of Thrones" star Ciaran Hinds who will portray Steppenwolf.

'Justice League': Will Green Lantern Make A Cameo Appearance In 'Justice League' In their Fight Against Steppenwolf? [VIDEO]

Oct 23, 2016 PM EDT The release of Justice League next year will give us the opportunity to see our heroes assemble for the first time on screen. From story leaks, we expect the arc of Steppenwolf to be tackled in the ...

‘Wonder Woman’ Star Gal Gadot Says Her Co-actors Are Their Characters In ‘Justice League’ [Video]

Oct 20, 2016 PM EDT Gal Gado playing Wonder Woman in "Justice League" briefly talks about her male co-stars and how is it working with them.

‘Justice League’ News: Amber Heard Returns as Mera The Queen of Atlantis[VIDEO]

Oct 13, 2016 PM EDT Amber Heard will be returning into the big screen as Mera the Queen of Atlantis in the Justice League. DC Comics have released the first photo of Heard wearing the full costume for her role. On ...

'Justice League' News: Former Superman To Make A Cameo Appearance In The Movie? [VIDEO]

Oct 12, 2016 PM EDT The popular Comic book movie Superman have always made its fans get hooked into its previous films. Zak Snyder's Justice League may possibly come soon. There was also a special screening that was held ...

'Wonder Woman’s' Chris Pine Denies Rumor On Multiple DCEU Characters [VIDEO]

Oct 08, 2016 PM EDT Before the actor has been considered as one of the members of the cast of "Wonder Woman" it has been rumored that actor Chris Pine is going to play a lot of roles in the DCEU that includes the ...

'Justice League' News & Update: Ben Affleck on Batman’s New Tactical Suit

Oct 05, 2016 AM EDT Ben Affleck in an interview with Mario Lopez said Batman in Justice League will use two costumes

'Justice League' Gets An 8-Bit Movie Trailer, Courtesy Of 'JoBlo' [VIDEO]

Sep 19, 2016 PM EDT The "Justice League" trailer from the 2016 San Diego Comic Con has just received an 8-bit makeover. The 8-bit trailer is part of the "JoBlo 8-bit movie trailer" series on YouTube.

Cavill’s Agent Ratifies 'Man of Steel' Prequel Is In Progress

Sep 18, 2016 AM EDT The role of the very famous Superman on the DC Extended Universe is very essential. Man of Steel have launched the franchise, however both Batman v. Superman as well as Suicide Squad both answered the ...

'The Flash' Rumors: Season 3 Will Have Jesse Quick In Costume. 'The Flash' Movie To Include 'The Rogues' [VIDEO]

Aug 29, 2016 PM EDT Rumors have been spreading about Jesse Quick being in costume for season 3 of The CW's "The Flash. Also, rumors of who The Flash will face in the upcoming Warner Bros. "The Flash" movie.

Cyborg Would Appear In 'The Flash' To Tie Up DCEU Characters And Events

Aug 17, 2016 AM EDT DC Comics tries to tie up their movies in order to create a huge DC Extended Universe that would include many of the comic book characters. Initially, the several heroes has cameo appearance in the ...

'Justice League' Sneak Peek: Trailer Specially Made For The Fans At The Comic-Con 2016 [VIDEO]

Jul 27, 2016 AM EDT For all the fans of DC Comics, good news are surfacing as "Wonder Woman" trailer is released and "Justice League" trailer is out for the first look.

'Justice League' Movie Will Feature A Rumored Actor Playing The Film's Main Antagonist; Find Out Who Returns To Fight The Forces Of Apokolips!

Jul 21, 2016 AM EDT Looks like three new cast members have been added to the "Justice League" movie as "Invictus" star Julian Lewis Jones, "Daredevil" star Colin Farrell and "Game of Thrones" actor Daario Naharis join ...

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