'Pokemon Sun and Moon' News: 'Corocoro' Leaked Images Prove Characters NOT CHILD-FRIENDLY; Alolan Ekans, Fighting-Type Arbok In Unreleased Jap Mag september Issue?


"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is expected to add new characters to the game that looks more harmful than child-friendly. The Japanese magazine "Corocoro" was set to reveal more leaked images that would show the connection between the evolution of Rockruff and the starters. Another report also took note of the new potentially dangerous characters in the latest installment of the game.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is also believed to be the darkest game in the Pokemon franchise. Comicbook cites five reasons that make the game the darkest. Sandygast is seen as a manipulative character that is also hypnotizing, with the sand vampire lurking in search for children and its evolved character Palossand, which can drag small Pokemon into its body.

The evolution of Pokemon characters was also seen to be suggestive of the survival of the strongest and the unfortunate death of the rest. Other characters were seen too sweet to remain in the game and the Bewear character which can hug its trainer to death was seen as dangerous like the Ultra Beasts.

Meanwhile, the monthly release date for the Japanese magazine has always been on the 15th. However, in August, the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" leak came earlier before the usual schedule, which ignited the the rumors that this month's leak would come earlier too, Heavy reported. The previous leak showed images of Wishiwashi, Sandygast, Bewear, and Palossand.

Aside from Rockruff's secret evolution and how it should be expected to affect the starters, as 'Corocoro's' August 2016 edition revealed, a poster on a Hong Kong social network 2ch, confirmed alleged updates about "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" reports featured a paticular member in the forum, who claimed to have gotten an access to the unreleased issue of "Corocoro" saying that it reveals "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Alolan Ekans and Arbok as Fighting-type Pokemon. Further, other Alolan forms for Magmar, the Fire and Grass-type and Electabuzz, who becomes an Electric and Fairy-type were also reportedly there.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is schedued to launch in the U.S. on Nov. 18, Amazon reported. The game can be pre-ordered on Amazon as well. In the meantime, leaked images and videos are being released. Meanwhile, watch the not so nice circumstances while playing "Pokemon Go" here:

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