'Disney Enchanted Tales' iOS, Android Gameplay: Build Kingdoms Like 'Beauty And The Beast,' 'Frozen,' 'Tangled' Storyline, Characters; Rewards, In-app Purchases Waiting


"Disney Enchanted Tales" features a live action remake of the iconic landmarks from some of Disney's most popular movies, including "Beauty and the Beast," "Frozen" and "Tangled." The game is expected to allow players to build their own kingdoms from each of the said films.

Since the game features the three Disney films, "Disney Enchanted Tales" characters also include Belle, Gaston, Anna, Prince Hans, Rapunzel and Flynn. Players are suggested to have the ability to interact with them, Adweek reported.

The game will reportedly start with a selection of a story. Players will be asked to choose between "Beauty and the Beast," "Frozen" or "Tangled" and will then need to start building their magical world. A recap of the tale will then be shown and players can proceed into the game of"Disney Enchanted Tales" afterwards.

Players will be given a brief "Disney Enchanted Tales" tutorial in order for them to get used to the controls and features of the game. The players are then expected to make their character perform tasks such as feeding chickens to earn rewards. Tasks like this are called Moments which allow players to earns stars and level up.

Players are also reportedly allowed to explore the empire of "Disney Enchanted Tales" by completing tasks and quests. A completed task is suggested to unlock new game features such as buildings and landmarks. Some of these structures  include Belle's Bookstore, Beast's Castle, Elsa's Ice Palace and Rapunzel's Tower.

Apart from new structures, story-based missions are also available that can unlock new characters, outfits and story moments from other Disney tales along the way. Players can also earn "Disney Enchanted Tales" coins which are usable in buying new buildings. The buildings can just be dragged and tapped in order to begin its construction, Touch Arcade reported.

"Disney Enchanted Tales" new buildings, however, could sometimes come with new characters which need to be unlocked first by further completing tasks. The more a player adds buildings then the more new tasks the characters can do. "Disney Enchanted Tales" is now available for free for iOS and Android with in-app purchases. Watch "Disney Enchanted Tales" official launch trailer here.   

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