Intel Introduces A Computer The Size Of A Credit Card [VIDEO]

Jan 09, 2017 AM EST A computer that fits into the wallet? Now, that's interesting and Intel is making it happen. Intel has just introduced the new Intel Compute Card during the CES 2017 event. The new computer is the ...

iPad Air 3 Release Date Reported To Be March 2017; Fans Make Wishlist [VIDEO]

Dec 10, 2016 AM EST The iPad Air 3 release date is rumored to be March 2017. Several fans are already making a wishlist for what they will expect for the upcoming gadget.

LG Ultrafine 4K Monitor: The Perfect Monitor Designed for Apple MacBooks; Specs, Features, Discounted Price [Video]

Dec 06, 2016 AM EST LG and Apple, in a recent collaboration, came up with two displays, one of which is the LG UltraFine 4K that is specifically designed to perfectly integrate with Apple's MacBook model that can also ...

LG UltraFine 4K: Check Out Why It Is A Great MacBook Monitor! [Video]

Dec 03, 2016 PM EST LG UltraFine 4K monitor is a collaboration effort between Apple and LG to come up with a perfect monitor for the new MacBooks.

‘Poison Tap' Hijacks User Data From Screen-Locked Macs

Nov 23, 2016 AM EST Alongside technology advancements, new gadgets and devices are becoming more vulnerable to hacking. Have you heard the latest news about the USB device that could siphon data even from a screen-locked ...

Meet LG’s UltraFine 4K and UltraFine 5K Displays: Built For The MacBook and MacBook Pro [Video]

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT During Apple's event last Oct. 27, Apple announced that they have teamed up with LG Electronics in creating a 4K and 5K UltraFine Displays that were designed to work with Apple's new 13 and 15-inch ...

MacBook Pro 2016 Features: MacBook Pro Now Comes With USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 [VIDEO]

Oct 21, 2016 AM EDT Apple will be making its announcements on its new laptops at a media event in Cupertino on Oct. 27. There are no details about the content of the announcement yet, but new information about a great ...

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date & Update: Magic Keyboard Among Other Exciting Features Likely [VIDEO]

Oct 15, 2016 AM EDT Apple has been on a roll this year after launching the highly anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but the company continues to remain mum about the equally anticipated MacBook Pro 2016.

MacBook Pro 2016 News & Update: Latest Features Include 3.5mm jack Removal, Magic Keyboard; iMac 2016 To Debut At $1649 Price? [VIDEO]

Oct 14, 2016 PM EDT The highly-anticipated MacBook Pro 2016 continues to develop another major update after more than 16 months of its previous update. Now, with the company’s upcoming press conference, the tech giant ...

'Apple MacBook Pro' Update: Apple CEO hinted at new 2016 MacBook Pro; but the Apple Notebook might be delayed until 2017 [VIDEO]

Sep 12, 2016 PM EDT Apple CEO, Tim Cook hinted at bringing back the MacBook Pro with Apple fans expecting it by the end of 2016. But certain reports say that a 2017 launch may be the case.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, New Specs Revealed!

May 14, 2016 AM EDT A slew of exciting devices are slated to debut within the year, but among the more notable ones is Microsoft's apparent trump card, the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

New 12-Inch MacBook Release Date; Specs And Other Updates [VIDEO]

Apr 19, 2016 AM EDT Apple lovers, here are your new details on the new MacBook 12-inch!

Apple's New Macbook Will Be Keyboardless? Details Here!

Apr 16, 2016 AM EDT The days where you peck on laptop keyboards to type will soon be over. Apple has just obtained its patented technology of keyboards without keys.

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