iPhone 7 Specs, Review Post-Release: 3rd Party Accessory Makers Concentrating In iPhone 7 EarPods Substitutes; iPhone 8 In The Works For 2017 Release?


iPhone 7 will receive the most elaborate accessories in history yet. The accessories are suggested to arrive in the coming months as it has been confirmed that the device has no headset and comes in a different size than its predecessor.

An iPhone 7 new Belkin accessory is coming its way this Oct. It is said to allow iPhone 7 users to charge the device and listen to music through wired headphones at the same time, The Verge reported. The said accessory is expected to sell at $40 featuring two Lightning ports which clearly show that it is designed to replace iPhone 7 EarPods.

The iPhone 7 new Belkin accessory, however, is also suggested to be compatible with Apple's 3.5mm dongle. This will allow users to plug both adapters into one another in order to use the standard headphone to listen to music.

iPhone 7 lightning earphones are also in the works by Anker. The company is expected to sell its new accessory alongside its line of 3.5mm sport headphones.

Mophie, although unconfirmed yet,  is suggested to produce a charging case for the iPhone 7 with a built-in 3.5mm adapter. This would let users plug the standard headphones into a device, which does not feel like it is connected to a dongle that users may misplace.

iPhone 7 hardware features reportedly mean that third party accessory manufacturers would have to come up with new accessories that would be exclusive to iPhone 7.

Meanwhile, Apple was reportedly unable to attain enough new dual lens camera that it would need for the iPhone 7 Plus model, Digital Trends reported. Apple had the iPhone 7 Pro in reserve despite having limited quantities as the device was expected to reclaim the smartphone camera crown it had lost to Samsung in recent years.

iPhone 7 main specifications,  upgrades from predecessors, controversial omission,and potential disappointments have all been released online. After its release, the iPhone 8 is also set to be launched in 2017 which is believed to be the really exciting one. Watch Apple's introduction of iPhone 7 here.

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