AMD eSports-Ready, 7th Generation APU-Powered Boards HP, Lenovo Systems; 35, 65 Watt Provides Multiple Excavator Cores


AMD eSports-Ready Desktops shipment has started, as announced by the Sunnyvale-based company. According to reports, the latest generation of desktop systems with the new AM4 platform and can support DDR4 memory were initially shipped aboard the HP and Lenovo-designed systems.

AMD also stated that the new eSports-Ready Desktops can provide high-speed processing. It has enhanced HD and UHD capabilities as well as smooth eSports gaming, including the highest memory bandwidth, AMD reported.

AMD corporate VP Kevin Lensing said that the launch of an AMD-powered desktop is a significant benchmark for the company, marking a major boost in the productivity performance, eSports gaming and streaming video experiences of the modern consumers.

Lensing also took note of the fact that AM4 motherboard ecosystem is used in the new OEM desktop designs, including its ability to work with AMD's new high-performance CPUs. He also indicated that AMD's Summit Ridge desktop CPU's will utilize the same AM4 platform, featuring as well the much awaited "Zen" cores.

The AMD eSports-Ready Desktops, which is powered by the  7'th generation APU, "Bristol Ridge," are packed in 65-watt and 35-watt versions. According to reports, the high-end models will have four "Excavator" cores, and that the new generation APU's 65-watt version can bring the similar performance as the previous generation's 95-watt model, Digit reported.

AMD tested the A10-8850 at 95W against the 7th Generation AMD A12-9800 at 65W. The results showed that the former lost in the graphics performance in single-threaded and graphics performance in Cinebench.

Yet in terms of graphics, the A12-9800 with its 3,521.25 3DMark scores nearly doubled the i5-6500's 1,765.75. This means that  the A12-9800 has a 99 percent graphics performance. However, the a discrete graphics card was not used in the test.

AMD eSports-Ready Desktops support the 4K Ultra HD video playback in H.2645 and H.264 formats. Also, the latest AM4 platform will have peripheral support such as PCIe Gen 2, NVMe, USB 3,1 Gen 2 and SATA Express,.

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