PS4 Pro Gets Criticized; ‘Lacks 4K Blu-Ray Functionality’ ‘Xbox Consoles Superior’ Says Microsoft


PS4 Pro is being compared to Project Scorpio and Xbox One S consoles. According to Microsoft, the Xbox consoles are the superior devices.

Given the strong competition between Microsoft and Sony over which company can create a leading console, both have already announced their plans for a thinner model of their current consoles, along with the more powerful variants.  Following PS4 Pro announcement, Microsoft immediately turned to Sony's weaknesses.

Based on a tweet from Microsoft's Xbox One Marketing Head, Aaron Greenberg, through the official Twitter account of the company, one major defect of PS4 Pro was pointed out. Greenberg tweeted that the Sony console has no 4K Blu-Ray functionality, which confused the PS4 users.

The confusion was due to the fact that while the advanced consoles will provide 4K functionality for gaming, it will not support playing 4K Blu-Rays, which the Project Scorpio and Xbox One S are reportedly offering. Moreover, Greenberg also stated that Project Scorpio is going to be more powerful compared to PS4 Pro, supporting Microsoft's previous confirmation that Project Scorpio's six teraflops of processing power, while PS4 Pro has only 4.2, Polygon reported.

Other reports also indicate some capabilities of Xbox One S that the PS4 Pro lacks, although both are being offered for $299, which is the same price as the PS4 Slim, Business Insider reported.  However, gamers who are willing to spend much on new fresh console are expected to switch from Sony to Microsoft or vice versa, considering the players' existing libraries of games will be playable on the future iteration of their preferred console.

Microsoft is believed to be having a hard time since the Project Scorpio is more than a year away from its launch, while the PS4 Pro will be released in time for the holiday season. PS4 Pro is set to release on Nov. 10.

Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to unveil in the holiday season of 2017, GameRant reported. Meanwhile, atch Sony's revelation of the PS4 Pro (PlayStation 4K) here:

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