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'Pokemon Go' Update: Trading, New Kind Of Incense, Buddy Pokemon & More [VIDEO]; What Is PokeExplore And How To Join? Find Here!


Rumor mills have been churning a slew of speculations around Niantic's "Pokemon Go," hinting that the hit augmented reality mobile game is losing its luster due to lack of new updates in the game. While several other reports have debunked these rumors, avid gamers are waiting with bated breath for what's coming next for the mobile sensation.

Among the most-requested features are the ability to trade Pokemon with other "Pokemon Go" players, an enhanced in-game Pokemon tracker, and the ability to capture "Legendary" Pokemon such as Mewtwo. And if rumors doing rounds are anything to go by, some of these features are slated to become reality soon.

Three New Incense Types Are Coming To 'Pokemon Go'

Incense in "Pokemon Go" attracts random Pokemon to your location for thirty minutes; however the developer is reportedly on the verge of rolling out an update that allow players to attract specific types of Pokemon with the help of special incense, according to new code discovered in the game's latest update.

Placeholders for "Item_incense_cool" and "Item_incense_floral" have been revealed, which hint players may be able to attract just grass, bug and water types of Pokemon. It is reported that there will three new incense types.

Item_incense_spicy for attracting Fire (and Electric?) Pokemon

Item_incense_cool for attracting Water and Ice Pokemon

Item_incense_floral for attracting Grass and Bug Pokemon


Another feature expected to come with the new update is Trading. It looks like Niantic Labs is keeping its promise to bring in the ability to trade Pokemon with other "Pokemon Go" players.

Several Reddit users unveiled phrases such as "Trade_search" and "Trade_offer" in the game's latest update. This means players will soon be able to offer an array of creatures for other "Pokemon Go" players to pick from.

"Budy" Pokemon

With the new update, players may be able to designate their trainers a special "buddy" Pokemon in the game. Once assigned, the Pokemon will reportedly come after you as you walk around to collect candies to evolve, according to references in the code that were pieced together on Reddit.

Special "Legendary" Pokémon

A slew of references to Legendary Pokemon, including Mewtwo and Mew have already surfaced and now, the latest update to the game's code encompasses a new placeholder called "activity_catch_legend_pokemon."

This implies that players will be able to catch these rare creatures, although how and where they will be spotted remains to be seen. Niantic Labs has teased big upcoming major group events in the game, and the footage from the game's original trailer below show players taking down Mewtwo together.

'Pokemon Go' In VR (Virtual Reality)

It looks the fan-favorite augmented-reality game is gearing up to take things to the next level as reports indicate players will soon be able to play the game in VR. The speculation stems from a new "VR" folder in the game's code that includes references to Google Cardboard, the low-cost VR headset that's actually made with cardboard.

Other Upcoming Updates

Candy Management

A Reddit user known as iSacrified shared an interesting idea for Pokemon Go candy management, as reported by

A simple design that is straight to the point and eliminates the fancy stuff, allowing you to focus on playing the game rather than wondering how many candy is in your inventory. Currently players have to tap on a Pokemon to check the number of candy per Pokemon type.

Operation PokeExplore

This is a world-wild weekend campaign that focuses on taking pictures of alluring places then submitting them as Pokestop requests. The event is scheduled for September 2 - 5.

Here's How To Join The Event

Download Twitter app on your phone and ensure it is location-enabled

Take picture of your favorite Pokestop location and tweet it with the following content:

Short description
#PokeExplore @NianticLabs

This community idea is being promoted via Reddit in a bid to push Niantic Labs on accepting Pokestop requests.

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