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'Pokemon Go' Tips & Tricks To Counter Current Gym Top Defenders; Meet The World's First Pokemon Master, Ivy Lim!


Catching Pokemon can be backbreaking every so often. One of the key aspects of the hit augmented-reality mobile game is exploring nearby as well as remote locations to catch Pokemon. Aside from this, gamers' patience is often tested in certain Gyms. While zealous gamers leave no stone unturned in a bid to level up and eventually become a Pokemon Master, it looks like reaching the zenith of the game is no picnic.

"Pokemon Go" gamers, who have failed to defeat some of the strongest Pokemon in the game despite calculating the CP and IV statistics, need to opt for a different plan of attack, iTech Post reported.

Is There Another Approach?

Fret not! A recently-surfaced image doing rounds online via Reddit user named conspire_pokemon_go, spills the beans about an alternate means of defeating the "Pokemon Go" blockades that conquer the nearby gyms. This simply involves counter-picking with the proper Pokemon to modify their skills.

Basically, the "Pokemon Go" creatures are not sparred of flaws. Based on their types, each creature have weakness that gamers can capitalize upon - for instance - Gyarados is a Water type and can be countered through Electric types such as Raichu, Electabuzz, Magneton, Jolteon and Electrode.

One exception is the counter-Pokemon for Snorlax; which is a Fairy type Wigglytuff, a Pokemon capable of bringing upon significant damage to Snorlax more than any other Pokemon you probably have prepped for battles.

The leaked image divulged nine Pokemon that currently dominate in Pokemon Go battle gyms. These are: Venusaur, Slowbro, Exeggutor, Gyarados, Polywrath, Vaporeon, Snorlax, Lapras and Dragonite.

The big question however is whether this really works.

If a reply from a Redditer is anything to go by, the answer is yes! In a way it adds up with the combo of CP and Individual Value (IV) stat calculations, and how a player dodges properly. Besides, the list gives a player an edge when squaring off against a Pokemon dominating a gym in the game.

The World's First Pokemon Master Job

Singaporean Ivy Lim has become the world's first Pokemon Master, having managed to "catch 'em all," after beating over 5,000 applicants for the job, Yahoo News reported.

Community marketplace, Funzing Singapore posted the job on its Facebook page earlier this month. Their advertisement garnered more than 1,000 applications from interested candidates across the world in just one day.

Ivy Lim will reportedly earn $1000 a month to organize Pokemon Go events and help participants learn more about the game.

The 22-year-old freelance model and deejay will be working on the project for at least three months.

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