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'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks To Change Teams; Which Team Should You Choose; Find Here!


Following its debut earlier this year, Niantic's "Pokemon Go" has become quite the rage and is lauded for encouraging people to explore the real world in a bid to catch their favorite Pokemon. The mobile sensation soared to the top of the download charts, in fact, downloads of the free-to-play mobile game has been reported to be so frequent that Niantic's severs had trouble handling the traffic initially.

Aside from garnering huge profits, the hit augmented-reality game was also praised for a slew of other things such as providing health benefits and playing a vital role in crime-solving cases. Basically, the game spawned an array of exciting things for everyone.

Almost everyone we know seems to be playing "Pokemon Go" and those players who have reached level five are now eligible to pick a team and continue leveling up.

While choosing a team, you need to bear in mind that once you join a team, you cannot nullify your decision and join another team, GameNGuide reported. In other words, deciding which team to join require a lot of thinking.

That being said, the developer may consider request to shift teams but only in light of acceptable reasons.

There are three teams in "Pokemon Go" that you can pick from. Firstly, team Mystic (blue) which is represented by Articuno, Team Valor (red) which is represented by Moltres and lastly, Team Instinct (yellow) which is represented by Zapdos.

Choosing Team

As soon as a player reaches level five, it is mandatory for him/her to pick a team as they cannot proceed in the game without first picking a team. In other words, all players must pick a team to join after reaching level five. It is important to know which team you should join.

To make the seemingly difficult decision, somewhat easier here is some details about the three teams in "Pokemon Go."

Team Mystic

Spearheaded by Blanche - who was tagged as the smartest among the leaders - Team Mystic is represented by the legendary Articuno. The team is said to concentrate more on evolution. This is because the team's leader, Blanche takes her research about why Pokemon evolve very seriously. In a nutshell, Team Mystic believes in taking things in calm, collected manner as they believe they can be victorious by staying level headed. This is the most popular team at this time.

Team Instinct

Spark is the leader of this yellow team and as their group name tips off, they depend highly on their instincts to emerge victorious in every situation. This team is perfect for players who believe they can win battles simply by trusting their gut feelings, Forbes reported.

Team Valor

This red team is led by Candela who gives more importance to strength in battles. Candela believes that Pokemon are more powerful than humans. She is trying to figure out how to boost their natural power through a research so that her pocket monsters become invincible.

Although Team Valor does not boast an impressive number of members as Team Mystic, the red team have captured quite a few territories and that is why they are now cited as the most tenacious and fiercest "Pokémon Go" players.

Based on the above information, you can now pick a team that looks most feasible to you. However, if you've already picked a team but want to request team modification, the process is quite simple. You just need to fill out a request form which is available on "Pokemon Go" support page. It is up to the developer to respond and this could take quite a long time.

The only other option to change your team is to create a new "Pokemon Go" account and start from scratch.

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