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'Pokemon Go' Update: Niantic Gearing Up For The Legendary Pokemon, Trading And New Incense Type; Is The Mobile Sensation Losing Its Luster?


Zealous "Pokemon Go" fans are going berserk over rumors hinting that the Legendary Pokemon, trading system and new incense types will come out any time now. The speculations were an outcome of several Reddit users posting what looked like "Pokemon Go" source codes centering on the aforementioned features.

'Pokemon Go' Source Code

The purported game's source code hinted that Niantic Labs has already added codes for the aforesaid features and the Legendary Pokemon. Until now, the identified codes are just placeholders which imply Niantic must place the implementing code so that the features and the rare Pokemon can make an appearance in the game, Pokemon Go Hub reported.

The Legendary Pokemon

Some hackers bumped into a particular code which clearly indicated that the developer is gearing up for the Legendary Pokemon. It is a single code, "-ctivity_catch_legend_pokemon."

"Pokemon Go" gurus believed that catching a Legendary Pokemon will require a different strategy. If rumors doing rounds are anything to go by, players will need a Master Ball to capture a Legendary Pokemon.

New Incense Types

Reddit users posted a slew of codes including Item_incense_floral, Item_incense_cool, Item_incence_spicy.

These Incense codes indicate that the studio is paving the way for an array of lures for Pokemon creatures. Several observers believe that the "spicy" code alludes to lure Fire and Electric Pokemon types. "Cool," on the other hand, is intended for Ice as well as Water types. "Floral" is for the Bug and Grass ones.

Trading System Codes

The same Reddit post unveiled a slew of other codes related to trading like Trade_search, Trade_offer, Trade_response and Trade_result.

These codes may allude to the recently-announced trading system. Experts are anticipating a marketplace where "Pokemon Go" players can trade Pokemon and other games items.

So far, Niantic Labs has remained tight-lipped about the Legendary Pokemon and other rumored game features. Until the developer either confirms or debunks these speculations, readers are advised to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

Watch the video about world's first Legendary Pokemon below:


Is 'Pokemon Go' Losing Its Popularity?

While quite a few "Pokemon Go" fans are likely to be excited about the new features rumored to be announced in the near future, there have been reports indicating that the hit augmented reality mobile game is actually losing its popularity.

As outlandish as it may sound to ardent gamers, reports from Bloomberg revealed that the "Pokemon Go" craze has faded out in the past few days. The shocking revelation indicates that the numbers are dropping down faster that the developer's speed in rolling out new updates to keep gamers glued to the game.

However, the mobile gaming realm is no stranger to this kind of experience; in fact the report claims it is absolutely normal with a mobile game to lose certain number of players in a month. Nevertheless, the way Niantic controlled its record when it debuted in July is simply remarkable.

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