'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks To Use Appraise And Understand What Team Leaders Say [VIDEO]

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Niantic Labs recently rolled out a new update for both Android (0.35.0) and iOS (1.5.0) devices that added another slightly confusing system to the hit augmented reality mobile game.

The update brought a new Appraise feature for the game; however several gamers are puzzled over the remarks given by the team leaders.

The Appraise feature enables players to submit Pokemon for appraisal of their IV (Individual Values). The three team leaders, Mystic's Blanche, Valor's Candela and Instinct's Spark will evaluate the Pokemon's fighting capabilities, Forbes reported.

If you've been trying to figure out how to use it, or what your leader's remark actually mean, read on.

Every Pokemon Is Unique

Quite a few avid "Pokemon Go" players are already aware that each Pokemon is different. For instance, two Charmander may boast same Combat Power (CP) but that is the only similarity. There is a possibility that the Charmanders may have different Hit Points (HP), attacks and defense stats. In other words, a weaker Pokemon may have what it takes to defeat a stronger opponent based on the three stats.

With the help of the Appraise features, players can now decide which Pokemon to pick, groom and evolve for gym battles.

Interpreting Team Leaders' Appraisal

"Pokemon Go" players will have to figure out the meaning behind their leader's phrases. The player will only have to concentrate on the "Overall Appraisal," Gamepress reported.

Each team leader is restricted to four standard comments concerning the IV percentage level of the gamer's Pokemon. Players should bear in mind that when the team leader is all praises for the Pokemon, it usually means its UV percentage is good. However, if a team leader says the Pokemon is unlikely to win in battle; no prizes for guessing, it means the Pokemon's IV percentage is quite bad. But that not all; the team leaders will also spill the beans about the Attack, HP and Defense stat of the Pokemon under appraisal.

Pokemon Size Review

From time to time, the team leaders are likely to make a comment regarding the size of the player's Pokemon. Currently there are four size classifications in the game including extra small, small, large and extra-large.

Alternatively, you can watch the video below for a detailed explanation of how exactly "Pokemon Go" Appraisals work.

Here's How To Tell If You Have Pokemon Appraisal

No-doubt, the Pokemon Appraisal feature is quite an exciting as well as useful addition to the game where the team leaders size up individual Pokemon. However, if you're unsure whether you have Pokemon Appraisal, all "Pokemon Go" players who download the recently released update will get the feature without fail.

Although "Pokemon Go" version 1.5.0 does not introduce some radical overhauls, but aside from adding the appraisal function, the update fixes a bug concerning hit points. Nevertheless, this update adds a new dimension for gamers who enjoy the strategy and stats of the game. Basically, this download is a must for trainers who want to dominate in their upcoming gym battle.

Here's how you can get the update:

Go to the App Store on your phone's home screen. Choose the option named "updates" from the menu. From the list of all available updates for the apps on your phone, scroll through the list until you find "Pokemon Go" and click the "update" option. Once the update is downloaded, you'll see an option to open the app.

You can test the appraisal function by selecting a Pokemon from your Pokedex and then clicking on the blue circle that appears in the lower right-hand corner. You'll see three options including "Favorite," "Appraise," and "Transfer."

So dash ahead and delve into appraisals with the help of your team leader.

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