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'Pokemon Go' Tips & Tricks To Evolve Eevee Into The Type You Want [VIDEO]; Eevee Trending At Number Three For Pokemon Searches?


While avid "Pokemon Go" players are leaving no stone unturned in their unceasing quest to catch Pokemon, some players are resorting to shortcuts such as tips, cheats and hacks to help them advance in the game. Most recently, gamers have discovered how they can evolve an Eevee into their favorite Pokemon.

No-doubt, Eevee is an easy-to-catch Pokemon and is known to evolve in to three different forms:

  • Vaporeon (water-type)
  • Jolteon (electric-type)
  • Flareon (fire-type)

(Flareon is considered as the most powerful out of all three evolutions).

While it was believed that Eevee spawns into any of the aforementioned evolutions randomly, gamers have recently found that Eevee's evolution can actually be manipulated to spawn the type they want.

Transforming Eevee into a specific evolution in "Pokemon Go" is quite an easy task.

Here's How It Works!

All you need to do is rename the creature - for instance - to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, you just need to rename Eevee as "Rainer." To have Eevee transform into Jolteon, just rename Eevee as "Sparky." If you want it to evolve into a fire-type, just rename Eevee as "Pyro," TheBitBag reported.

Once you've typed the name, you just need to save the changes and restart the mobile app.

As soon as "Pokemon Go" starts; you'd be able to see how Eevee has transformed based on the given name. The anime series from where the three Eevee Brother reportedly originated were named Rainer, Pyro and Sparky, and had a Vaporean, Flareon and Sparky respectively.

Eevee boasts a special genetic composition that enables it to evolve according to its location. Its mutation is a result of radiation emitted from various rocks.

The Pokemon measures 1 foot 11 inches tall and weighs 14.3 pounds. Aside from the aforementioned evolutions, Eevee is also capable of evolving into the ice-type Glaceon, psychic-type Espeon, fairy-type Sylveon, grass-type Leafeon and the dark-type Umbreon.

Rumors are rampant that upcoming updates in "Pokemon Go" will pave the way for Espeon and Umbreon.

Does The Trick Really Work?

Apparently, it does. Quite a few "Pokemon Go" players have given the rename technique their stamp of approval, and have confirmed that the trick actually works, and what's even better is that the change is not just temporary, AttackOfAFanboy reported.

The downside of this trick? Once you've renamed and evolved Eevee into a specific Pokemon, you cannot revert so it is imperative for players to think twice before renaming the creature.

Eevee Evolution Characters Top The Google Searches

Eevee Pokemon are scarce and that's exactly what makes it a fan-favorite. Moreover, you can bump into an Eevee just about anywhere as evolution enable the Pokemon to adapt to most conditions.

Niantic's mobile sensation, "Pokemon Go" was released in the U.S. in July, which notably boosted search interest on Google. This sparked a huge number of searches for battery packs, while several users searched how to convert kilometers to miles, BlastingNews reported.

Unsurprisingly, Eevee is currently trending at number three for Pokemon searches. In fact, the searches for all Eevee evolutions top the chart in Hawaii, while Utah and Washington are close behind.

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