'Pokemon Go' Latest Update: Niantic Rolls Out New Pokemon Appraisal Feature Enabling Players To Check A Pokemon's Attack/Defence Stats [VIDEO]

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Niantic's mobile sensation, "Pokemon Go" received a new update for its Android and iOS version, introducing a new feature of Implemented Pokemon Appraisal.

The studio rolled out version 0.35.0 of "Pokemon Go" for Android users and version 1.5.0 of the hit augmented-reality game for iOS device owners. The recently-released update debuts the Implemented Pokemon Appraisal feature, per "Pokemon Go" Facebook page.

The Team Valor (red), Team Mystic (blue) and Team Instinct (yellow) in the game are spearheaded by Candela, Blanche and Spark. The newly-introduced Pokemon Appraisal Feature will enable players to get well-acquainted with the attack and defense capabilities of various Pokemon through their Team Leader.

As soon as a player reaches level five in "Pokemon Go," he/she is offered an opportunity to join a team of his/her choice and enter Gym battles. This implies that the new feature is primarily applicable to gamers who have reached level five in the game.

Every Pokemon game assigns an Individual Values (IV) to each Pokemon creature, and "Pokemon Go" cleaves to the same rule as well. These values are hidden stats in the game, encompassing values for Attack, Defense and Stamina, according to a report on TheBitBag.

If you have several Pokemon of same species, bear in mind that they will not necessarily have same IV. In other words, even if two creatures are of the same level, they are not same. The attack and defense capabilities of a creature can give players a fair idea in terms of how well a particular Pokemon can fight and defend in a battle.

As stated before, these stats are hidden and several "Pokemon Go" players are using Pokemon GO IV calculators, developed by third-party companies. However, Niantic is ceasing access to such IV calculators, Yibada reported.

The new Pokemon Appraisal feature allows players to not only check but also improve the IV of a Pokemon within the game. Apparently, the feature can play a vital role in deciding whether a specific Pokemon should be used as a Gym attacker or defender, and thus influence a battle's outcome. In addition to this, the update brings along some minor Bot fixes.

A slew of exciting new features that are slated to be rolled out in the near future, are still in the works at Niantic Labs. The studio has previously confirmed that it would come up with features such as worldwide gym battle leaderboards and trading in the future.

While zealous "Pokemon Go" gamers wait with bated breath for the upcoming updates, check out the video clip below for more details on the new Pokemon Appraisal feature and let us know what you think about this brand new feature in the comments section!

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