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'Pokemon Go' Cheats & Hacks: Level Up And Hatch Eggs Into Rare Pokemon Without Walking [VIDEO]; Hack Works Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone!


One of the key facets of "Pokemon Go" is leaving behind the comforts of your home and delving into the real world to "catch 'em all," level up and hatch Eggs. However, a lot of gamers bail out at the thought of catching Pokemon on foot; if you're one such player, you will definitely love this new hack.

The recently-surfaced hack is said to help players catch rare Pokemon while simulating the act of walking with the help of an iPhone that does not need to be jailbroken.

There is no trick that can warrant hatching of an Egg into a rare Pokemon, but the 10km types are more likely to deliver the more powerful pocket monsters, CNet reported. That being said, spawning a rare Pokemon from an egg does not come without an investment. Here's what you'll need:

Get Some Extra Incubators

First off, you need some extra incubators which can either be earned as you progress into the game, or can be bought as well. In other words, having more than just one incubator expedites the hatching process.

Hatching Eggs Regularly Is The Key

Hatching has to be done regularly as it is the fastest way of substituting the 2km and 5km Eggs that are dime a dozen in the game. Getting rid of these Eggs will create more slots that can be filled by the coveted 10km Eggs.

Tired Of Walking? Try This Trick

Catching Pokemon could get quite laborious at times and gamers are expected to get tired of walking eventually. In this situation, you can strap your phone (with Pokemon Go app running) on a ceiling fan or set the device on the turntable. Either way, you can trick the game to earn some significant miles of virtual walking.

Alternatively, you can take the city bus to fake walking as at the speed that the vehicle runs, it almost mimics fast walking. The reports claim Niantic Labs will not be able to notice this trick.

"Pokemon Go" players can also opt for the 'fake walking hack' that is available for users of the Apple iPhone.

The recently-updated hack is very easy to install and use, but YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice shared a comprehensive video explaining the whole process. Put simply, all you need to do is uninstall "Pokemon Go," download three files from an exclusive Pokemon Go hacks website, install the files from your PC to your iPhone, and adjust one setting and you're all set.

Its important to bear in mind that the tweaked app will have to be self-signed every seven days simply because the app certificate expires after seven days, but is good to go when the installation process is repeated, Yibada reported.

The high spot of the hack is that it does not come with a usage or cycle limit, meaning, the trick will be accessible forever; or until Niantic Labs detects the cheat tool, but the chances of that happening anytime soon seems far-off.

You can see in the video clip below that the process is not complicated at all and hardly takes a couple of minutes once you have the files you need. The footage explains how to install it without having to jailbreak your iPhone.

Niantic Labs Block Gamers For Being Too Good?

Its no secret that Niantic is doing its best to stop cheaters by implementing bans, however the reliability of these measures taken by the studio recently came under fire from avid gamers as this past weekend, one of the best "Pokemon Go" players in the world, Jimmy Derocher had his account suspended temporarily but not for cheating; for being too good instead. To make things worse, this happened in the middle of a "Pokemon Go" event, BGR reported.

This entire episodes highlights the fact that the studio's recently-implemented anti-botting policy is not sparred from flaws, nevertheless its best to refrain from using these easily available "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hacks and play the augmented reality game the way it is meant to be played.

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