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Apple iPhone Hack Creates Fear Aftermath Newly Discovered Virus, Users Urged To Update Their Device [VIDEO]


Apple iPhone users were urged to update their device, aftermath researchers found a dangerous virus. The news created fears among Apple users.

The spyware was discovered on a phone owned by a human rights lawyer in the United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Mansoor, which was dubbed as a "one tap" because it only requires one click to make device infected, The Sun UK reported. Mansoor received a text, telling him it will expose "secrets" about people undergoing torture in the repressive Islamic state. According to Citezen Lab, a firm that analyzed Mansoor's phone, once a phone infected, it would have become a digital spy device.

So it means, the hacker who sent the spyware can manipulate the iPhone's camera and microphone to snoop on activity in the vicinity of the device. Aside from that, the hacker can check the recording of WhatsApp and Viber calls, logging messages sent in mobile chat apps, and even the tracking movements of the owner,

The firm believed that the spyware that has been discovered was designed by a shadowy Israeli "cyber arms dealer." Lookout, a mobile security company who also analyzed the the virus said this was the first attack of this kind.

Aside from iPhone, iPad is not also safe from this virus. So both iPhone and iPad users need to update their iOS software immediately.

The "one tap" attack was also dubbed as "Pegasus." the handsets can also become a digital spy, according to The New Daily.
Deputy director of Deakin University's Cyber Security Research Institute Professor Matt Warren told the publication that some groups will attempt to reverse engineer the technology to find out how it works and even create other variations.

According to Vice President of research Mike Murray, the attack was a remote jailbreak, a process of removing software restrictions which was imposed by iOS.

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