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Dropbox Urges Users To Reset Passwords, Learn Why The Company Reminds Users About The Security Protocol[VIDEO]


Dropbox users were advised to reset their passwords due to security purpose. In a blogpost of the company, it prompts its users to change their passwords, due to the discovery that some credentials may have been compromised during a 2012 incident.

The San Francisco-based company wrote on their blogpost, "We don't believe that any accounts have been improperly accessed," however, it advised the users who haven't changed their passwords since mid-2012 to rest passwords when they try to sign in to the site.

In 2012, many Dropbox users received spammed emails from the company. So this is the reason Dropbox sent emails to the users who created accounts before mid-2012..

The file-hosting company disclosed that someone was able to gain unauthorized access to the account of a Dropbox employee, who had reused a password from another site that had been hacked, Business Insider reported. The company said that the account of this employee was a"project document with user email addresses," which was used by someone to spam Dropbox users.

Dropbox also mentioned in their blogpost that their security team discovered an old set of Dropbox user credentials, which include, email addresses and the passwords. The publication believed these credentials were obtained in 2012 incident.

Those are worried about the security of their Dropbox accounts, the company recommends two-factor authentication, Fortune reported. This means that a user logging into Dropbox via new device will need to enter a code, which can be seen by the owner of the account.

The file-sharing company allows people to use generated code by authenticator apps or special key, aside from SMS.

There are users who posted the screenshots of emails from the company on Twitter this week.

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