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Sony PlayStation 4 News and Rumors: Leaks Suggest PS4 Slim Includes An Updated Controller[VIDEO]


While some writers advised fans not to buy Playstation 4 yet, leaked details surfaced online revealed that PS4 Slim will include an updated controller. There are plenty of information revealed this week, aside from an updated controller.

Sony has not yet officially announced its slim version of Playstation 4, however, a series of leaks revealed the necessary information about what the consumers should expect to the upcoming device of the tech company. The PS4 Slim version will include DualShock 4 controller. Youtube user ZRZ shows new version of the controller, which features a couple of minor changes, in his new video.

The updated controller has a modest tweak to the controller's face button, analog sticks, directional pad, and shoulder buttons. Instead of shade of black all over the device, now, it has a slightly  shade of gray. 

A British classified site, Gumtree, revealed multiple listings for new, unannounced video game console, and that's the Plastation 4 Slim. There is a man purchased a console from the listing, according to Business Insider. The publication revealed the design of PS4 Slim. 

Although the photos of PS4 surfaced online, some people are not convinced whether the console is real or not. Eurogamer confirmed that the photos surfaced online are true. 

Kotaku writer, Jason Schreier, recommended not to buy PS4 yet, and wait for two more weeks. He said, on Sept. 7, Sony will hold an event in New York, where they will announce the two new models for their marquee console.

One model is  higher-powered, 4K-supporting PS4, which is the code-named NEO, and the other one is the PS4 Slim, which was reported sleeker.

The reason why Schreir advised gamers not to buy PS4 Slim yet and wait until Sept. 7, is, there's a chance to get better deals after that event.

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