Success in Education: Should Money Be The Basis?


Success is one important ingredient most sought by every individual. In every field of performance and labor, success is often the fulfillment gauge for people to say that they are satisfied with their action.

Colleges and universities operate for the purpose of producing the future workforce of every nation. They may differ in field of expertise but one goal tops them all. Every university aims to produce successful if not the best citizens of every nation.

Money or income is the first thing that comes to mind when college success is asked. However, in measuring one's success; a lot of factors must be taken into consideration though the monetary aspect plays a major part, The Guardian reported.

Several institutions are conducting studies about student earnings from the time they graduated, entered their first jobs up to ten years later. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) upon publishing the result of a major study on graduate earnings showed that in order to gauge the students' success, a number of their earnings must not be the sole basis.

IFS showed that the subjects that the graduates studied, the universities they graduated and their social background play a big role in measuring their success, though the difference does not appear to be wide. However, there is a visible disparity between the incomes generated by those who graduated than those who did not have the opportunity to complete their degree.

Looking at the figures earned by the highest earning male creative arts graduates, the highest earning male economics graduate earns three times higher. Does this mean that the economic graduate is more successful than the one who took creative arts?

Figuratively, both the economist and the artist are successful. The fact is that though field such as arts and public sector although contributing much in the society, pays much less than the other fields, The Universities UK reported.

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