University In Today's Society, Functions Of University In The Community


The rapid change in the economy is calling out for graduates who are well equipped and accurately trained for the needs that continue to arise.

Universities play a big role in preparing the future workforce of every nation for they will serve as the final lap of the education race track for every student.

This final lap is very crucial as choosing the right course and university seems like making a big turn after a long drive where there is no turning back. It is at this point that students get to choose their career destiny.

There is no argument about how universities are trying their best to cater the needs of every enrollee, assuring the strength of every college degrees they make available to their students. However, the unpredictable and rapid change in the economy seems to make some if not most of these college degrees irrelevant.

It is unsafe to predict the future economic demand by measuring the present status of the economy as it will increase the risk of an unexercised college degree; people who graduated with a certain degree yet practicing a different profession.

Focusing more on strengthening the broad general education will be a great kick start for every student planning to get a college degree. Through this, they will not just earn the degree they need; they will have their skills honed as well to make them ready for any workforce demand that may arise in the future.

As education is a means to empower a citizen to be a vehicle for the transformation of the society, so should universities be. They are to be the platform not just to acquire the degree but to be the providers of pattern, training, and experiences, The UNESCO reported.

The role of the university in the society is to develop deep knowledge of the communities' future workforce and to assure that they are equipped with the right amount of capabilities in a workplace context, The Conversation reported.

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