Trump University Allegedly Scams A War Widow, $35000 Dollar


A war widow allegedly lost $35,000 to Trump University according to reports.

Cheryl Lankford, the widow of late Command Sergeant Major Jonathan Miles Lankford who died of heart attack during his assignment in Iraq on 2007 reportedly lost a huge amount of money through an alleged scam investment linked to Trump University.

Command Sergeant Major Jonathan Miles Lankford and Cheryl had been married for eight years before his tragic death happened. The widow was left with her then two-year-old son whom she then had to raise alone, The US Uncut reported.

Being an army's wife, Cheryl was given certain benefits due to her husband who has served the army for 23 years. She used the monetary benefit to pay some expenses and finally purchased a new house dreaming for a new beginning for her and her son.

The war widow wanted to make sure that she provides the best future for her son in spite of her husband's loss so she tried to look for ways to make the most out of the remaining amount she has from the monetary benefit.

She started her own real estate firm in San Antonio and named it Lankford Land Development, LLC on 2008. It was not long that she gained attention from the Trump University, a for-profit university co-founded in 2005 by Donald Trump and some of his associates.

In 2009, Lankford began receiving invitations, postcards and phone calls from Trump University inviting her to be part of an introductory seminar that will help her boost her business' performance. Due to her knowledge on Trump's success and talent when it comes to business, Lankford finally gave in to the invitation.

The widow was then offered and enrolled in a once in a lifetime training and assistance package at $35,000. However, after the enrolment, there was no training that took place. Instead, she was pointed back and forth to different persons.

The Trump Organization denied the allegation through a statement released and ask the public to withhold judgment until the due process has been given, Glamour News and Politics reported.

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