Cambridge University Reuses The Same Method After Thirty Years


After 30 long years, Cambridge is giving entrance exams again to their upcoming college students.

Cambridge decided to implement the entrance exams due to the reducing number of students receiving the better academic level potential indicator. The university has frequently seen applicants who received A*s and As but very few AS-levels.

Believing that taking the entrance test will be the best way to assess the students' capabilities and to be able to screen out the best among them, Cambridge University created the exams specifically for different degrees. The said exams will contain both multiple choice and essays created to challenge how students will handle multifaceted issues.

The exercise of giving entrance exams was previously dropped for it was believed to be a form of discrimination on students, who are not able to afford tutoring services.

After almost three decades, Cambridge University finally decided to come back in line with Oxford University in carefully screening out their incoming students, The Daily Mail UK reported.

This step, however, gained both approval and criticism from many. Alan Milburn, former Labour minister and presently the chair of the social mobility commission believes that giving this entrance test creates further barriers to students who are not financially privileged but are highly intelligent.

On the other hand, Chris Ramsey, Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC) universities committee chairman expressed the team's support for the implementation of entrance exams as clarity on Cambridge admission is observed.

Meanwhile, schools were given notice early on about the said implementation. They were also encouraged to maintain the quality of education as Cambridge University will be using the AS-levels in selecting who will be given a slot.

As early as October and November this year, Cambridge will be giving the exams to the students while they are still in their present schools. Exam passers will then advance to the next phase which is the interview, The Telegraph reported.

Wach this video to know more about Cambridge admission process.

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