Unversity Of Southern California Admits 400 First Generations, The First College Goers In The Family


The university of Southern California welcomes 400 first generation students as the school year opens.

This is not the first time that USC is opening the door for students who are the first ones in the family to attend a private college.

On the move-in day program, Michael Quick, the university provost welcomed the first generation students with a warm smile and an ice breaking remark.

Quick spoke in the midst of the mixed crowd of students from well-off families and first generation ones. He cited some very important life skills that they are expecting so see among their graduates. He named them as caring for others, dealing with failure, self-motivation and contributing something for the improvement of the society.

The provost emphasized on his statement that first generation students are lucky enough to have all those mentioned qualifications even at the age of five.

It has not been hard for the provost to reach out to these students for being a son of a construction worker, he himself is also the first one in his family to enter and graduate a private university.

Quick has been doing this job every school opening as he believes that it is necessary to break the gap between the rich kids and the first private university goers in the family. He also sees the need to show these first generation students that there are many others like them who desire to inspire people back home.

20 percent of this year's undergraduate students including the student body president are first generations. Most of them were given the privilege to enter USC through financial aid, The Los Angeles Times reported.

First generation students are not solely those who are not capable of spending on education. The first generation is a way to identify class diversity. They can also be students who belong to ethnicity whose parents did not have any college experience, The New York Times reported.

Watch this short video introducing some of the first generations students at the University of Southern California.

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