'Pokemon Go' Cheats And Hacks: A New Bot Is Helping Players Level Up Via Automation; Here’s How It Works [VIDEO]

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While quite a few "Pokemon Go" players are delving into the real world to locate, capture, battle, and train their favorite Pokemon, there are some players who resort to shortcuts such as using tips, tricks, cheats and hacks to accomplish the goals and level up in the game without breaking a sweat.

Although the developers have been issuing permanent bans to players who use illegal means to progress in the game, this hasn't stopped some players from using arrays of software techniques such as GPS spoofing and bots to "catch 'em all."

That being said, it is hardly surprising that a new cheat, in the form of "Insta-PokeGo" has made an appearance. The recently-surfaced bot allow "Pokemon Go" players to level up via automation.

Since its recent debut last Wednesday, "Insta-PokeGo" has lured over 4,000 "Pokemon Go" players who have signed up to use the bot rumored to automate the entire game for gamers who are not too keen on leaving the comfort of their homes to catch Pokemon.

Here's How To Sign Up

In order to give it a shot, "Pokemon Go" gamers just have to sign up via their website, providing their official account credentials. Once that's done, players need to hit the "Let's Go" button and the goodies, including XPs will start racking in.

Things To Keep In Mind

Taking into consideration that you're using valid account credentials, it is imperative to bear in mind that the part when you have to enter your credential while signing up, could be a gateway for potential hacks.

However, those using dummy account on Google should be mindful of how the team behind the mobile sensation will act on the matter. Just recently, Niantic Labs revised its terms of service which indicate that "Pokemon Go" players caught with "clear signs of cheating," will end up finding their accounts unplayable, GameNGuide reported.

There is a possibility that innocent players could get banned as well, but Niantic has taken this into consideration and has added an appeal button for such players to use.

The studio recently announced its campaign to suspend accounts in a statement posted to the game's blog, but the open-ended statement did not elaborate as to what the company deems as cheating. Nevertheless, this clearly indicated that Niantic is not really thrilled about people cheating at the game.

With the arrival of "Insta-PokeGo," things are likely to go out of hands of the developers; but it could only be a matter of time before Niantic sets its foot in and cracks the whip.

Do you think "Pokemon Go" players should refrain from using these tricks, cheats and hacks and rather stick to the original concept of the hit augmented-reality game and walk to catch their favorite Pokemon? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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