'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Here’s How The New iOS Jailbreak Tool Hacks The Game Without Disclosing Your True Location [VIDEO]

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Niantic Labs' "Pokemon Go" has taken the mobile gaming realm by storm since its release for iOS and Android devices earlier this year. As more and more gamers from across the world joined the Pokemon capturing spree, a slew of tips, tricks, cheat and hacks for the hit augmented reality game began surfacing online.

While there are umpteen tricks, cheats and hacks like GPS spoofing software for "Pokemon Go" players using an Android device, mobile gamers using iOS devices are verging upon as far as using cheats is concerned; however to use some cheats, they will need to have their iOS based devices jailbreak.

One "Pokemon Go" hacker by username iCrackUriDevice , uploaded a YouTube video earlier this month guiding gamers on how they can use the "Pokemon Go" hacking tool on a jailbroken iPhone. It is imperative for the for the software to have the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tool in order to hack the game.

Apparently, the hack can work from the latest version of the game i.e. v1.3.1 which can also be used in upcoming updates. According to the video, the hack automatically locates Pokemon and then your character walks to them without you lifting a finger, GameNGuide reported.

In the next step, "Pokemon Go" players need to launch Cydia to install the unofficial "Pokemon Go" app, Poke GO ++. Gamers can play "Pokemon Go" on jailbroken devices via this particular app.

That being said, gamers should bear in mind that the team behind the hit location-based mobile game has been placing cheaters in perma bans.

But, the aforementioned iOS GPS spoofing app fends off that risk as it restricts the game from disclosing your true location in case the game stops or crashes unexpectedly.

It was earlier reported that quite a few "Pokemon Go" cheaters in the wild were able to capture their favorite Pokemon with the help of those tweaking of the curve ball. The software kept these favorable changes undetectable by Niantic's servers, according to reports on BGR.

This is clearly a good news for those "Pokemon Go" players who resort to shortcuts to "catch 'em all" as this GPS spoofing software functions on the latest version of the game.

However, the question remains whether gamers should actually opt for these "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hacks as the gist of the game is delving into the real world, leaving behind the comfort of your homes to catch these amazing creatures.

In other news, zealous fans of the highly-anticipated iOS 10 are waiting with bated breath for the new operating system to be rolled out sometime soon. Apple has already released iOS 10 beta 7 ahead of its official launch date. Besides the new OS, fans are also anticipating updates regarding the iOS 10 jailbreak which was dubbed quite arduous to achieve.

The Cupertino-based tech firm is gearing up to release the iOS 10 sometime next month. There is no specific release date associated with the upcoming OS though, TheBitBag reported. But this hasn't stopped ardent fans from looking forward to next month, especially citing claims made by the reports hinting that the Chinese programming team in the iOS community, Pangu Team has already completed the iOS 10 jailbreak tool.

If rumors proved to be true, the team will roll out the jailbreak tool right after the public launch of the iOS 10. This makes a lot of sense as the iOS 10 jailbreak tool will have to no use without the iOS 10.

The team successfully demonstrated the jailbreak process at MOSEC (Mobile Security Conference) held in Shanghai, China earlier last month. It remains to be seen if the much-awaited iOS 10 jailbreak tool will make an appearance immediately after the iOS 10 launch as expected.

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