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Hackschooling, Happiness And Education In The Eyes Of A 13-Year-Old [VIDEO]


Hackschooling form of education is happiness in the eyes of a 13-year-old boy delivering an 11-minute speech on one the TEDx events that changed the perspective of his audience about education.

Believing in what Sir Ken Robinson, one of the most popular Ted talk said that the present education system is not enhancing the students' creativity; Logan LaPlante's parents pulled him out of the traditional school to go homeschooling that Logan calls hackschooling.

In his speech, Logan emphasized that setting aside any adult influence on the matter, the simplest, profound and obvious answer to what a 13-year old would want in life to be is to be happy.

However, the truth remains that being happy and healthy is not a priority in the present day education as it is more dedicated in equipping students to make a living instead of making a life, according to Dr. Roger Walsh, a scientist studying how to be happy and healthy.

That is why Logan is grateful to be given a chance to be an education hacker, an innovator who challenges the system and initiates the change to make to make work more effectively.

Being a hacker of his education gives him opportunities to learn without being confined to a particular curriculum and approach. He can confidently say that he has the hacker mindset which is healthy, happy and creative, Teach Thought reported.

Since he is motivated to learn, he is now maximizing his learning time and is able to understand things faster compared to his learning speed in the traditional school.

Hackschooling is not just a platform for Logan to have things added in his intellectual mind; it is involving him to the reality and making him ready for life. It has even given him the chance to make crucial decisions, go through the process and tangibly face the consequences.

On his powerful speech, Logan stated that everything in this world is up for hacking. And this is the season that more people with hacker mindsets are necessary to change the world, Hackschooling.Net reported.

Watch this video for the complete coverage of Logan LaPlante's speech.

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