Hackers Held University Network System Hostage in Exchange for Ransom

Dec 01, 2016 AM EST Hackers infected Carleton University's network with ransomware, and are demanding a hefty $29,000 as payment for release of files.

Canadian University Attacked By Hackers

Nov 30, 2016 AM EST Canadian college Carleton University is the most recent victim of a ransomware attack.

Hackschooling, Happiness And Education In The Eyes Of A 13-Year-Old [VIDEO]

Aug 18, 2016 AM EDT Hackschooling, amazing 13-year-old impresses audience with his perspective on education.

News Hacking A Help Or A Threat? What Impact Does Hacking Bring On News Quality

Aug 16, 2016 AM EDT Hacking may be enticing in bringing the unique angle of a news but how reliable can it be?

10-Year Old Boy Becomes World’s Youngest Hacker, Receives $10,000 From Facebook For Detecting Instagram Bug [VIDEO]

May 06, 2016 AM EDT A 10-year-old boy from Finland was rewarded a USD 10,000 ...

Top Student Hackers: Compete For Intercollegiate Cyber Security Challenge [WATCH]

Apr 29, 2016 AM EDT The Inter-ACE Cyberchallenge is a university hackers competition with a sports twist.

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