‘Rio Olympics 2016’ Live Stream: Hungary and Serbia Finished in a Tie, USA Loses to Croatia


The fierce competition between countries in Rio Olympic 2016 Water Polo event has started last August 6, 2016 with men's preliminary round having 10 countries compete against each other. Hungary have shown evidence of wanting back to the podium by playing against Serbia and scored tie while USA might have lost their chance of grabbing the gold medal after losing to Croatia.

According to the report of NBC Olympics, the gold medal favorites Serbia was heading towards a loss when Hungary proceeded into an early lead throughout the first three quarters with a score of 9-6 leading in the halftime. Serbia stayed in the match when Gojko Pijetlovic replaced the first goalie of Serbia and blocked Hungary's six out of eight shots during the third quarter. It was in the fourth quarter when Serbia scored twice that led them to tie with Hungary. At the end of the game, Filip Filipovic of Serbia and Norbert Hosnyanszky are the highest pointers with four goals and three goals respectively. Serbia will compete against Greece on Monday while Hungary will compete with Australia.

On the other hand, USA was defeated by Croatia in Day 1. During the first quarter, USA scored through Tony Avenzedo making a 1-0 lead. At the end of the first half, the two teams went into a tie at 3-3. The lost, according to speculations, was due to the replacement of the veteran goalie Merrill Moses (who blocked seven shots of 10 in the first half) with novice McQuin Barron.  It was in the second half when Croatia score flourished. The US team will compete with Spain on Monday.

For the women's division, the preliminary round will be on Tuesday, August 9 with China vs Hungary, Italy vs Brazil, Spain vs USA and Russia vs Australia.

The complete schedule of Water Polo event can be found on the Rio Olympics 2016 official website and live stream link has been provided by Transition Network. 

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