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Aug 08, 2016 06:19 PM EDT

NASA: Martians Might Be Real; They Complicate Mar’s On-going Exploration


NASA is exploring the planet Mars since 1960 and no life has been proven yet in the red plant. However, recent photos captured by Curiosity rover showed that life exists in Mars. Tiny streaks of were spotted in the photo and still a subject of debate whether the Martians are real of not.

Tracking down history, liquid water on Mars was discovered by 20-year-old undergraduate guy from the University of Arizona through comparing different images of Mar's moon taken through a satellite. He noticed that dark streaks in the soil that shrank during Martian Winter and grows during summer. The streaks seem life flowing down the slope like that of a spill. It was in September 2015 when NASA confirmed that the guy is almost right when he said that was water.

It was in 1970s when Mars was known as barren, dry and dead place. That was slowly proven wrong by the new generation of scientists at NASA where they constantly beating the odds of discovering life in Mars. In an article of Wired, NASA's planetary science's director Jim Green said, "When you look at earth, everywhere we go where there's liquid water, we find life." With a glimmer of hope, he added, "We might be able to visit."

Cassie Conley, NASA's planetary protection officer did not directly confirm the existence of life in Mars. Tagged as the interplanetary sheriff, it is her main duty to secure the in-going and outgoing rovers to different planets to make sure that they are zero-contaminated with different kinds of bacteria from earth of from the space. Her job is the most critical one; one mistake would mean wiping a planet away because according to her "the whole planet is dinner plate for these organisms."

The discovery of life in Mars is imminent though NASA would not directly tell about it since it requires profound scientific studies and exploration. Meanwhile, the public is waiting for next updates on the possible human trip to Mars following the announcements made by SpaceX to launched Red Dragon Capsule to bring human to the red planet by 2018.

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