Free Education A Solution To Expensive College Education, But Is Free Education Really Free?


College education is very expensive, this has always been the statement heard from enrollees, graduates and parents as well.

As tuition fees continue to increase, the burden of studying in colleges becomes heavier and heavier. As these offers for free colleges amplify the hope in the minds of students who are not capable of supporting their college education arises.

But is free education really free? As the cost of running a university becomes more expensive, how can free college tuition fees be so true?

Nico Cloete from the Centre for Higher Education Transformation in South Africa stated that there is really no truth in free college education. Students may see it as a form of generosity on the part of the government but the society is actually the one shouldering it.

The center also added that the question should not be about the reality of the free college tuition fees but where the fund is coming from and how it is being handled, The Eye Witness News reported.

Colleges in the Anglophone nations are the proof that college education is indeed very expensive. A recent study conducted showed that students will graduate from their respective universities with a huge amount of student debts.

England college graduates will graduate leaving the highest student debt of £44,500.

Although there are part-time works available in the universities, they are not enough to cover all the college education expenses. Another factor is that not all students can be accommodated for part-time employment while studying as there are limited slots available.

The expensive college education is felt even after graduation as the struggle in paying for debts arises. The availability of entering into a job is one thing and the opportunity to find a high paying job is another thing.

In reality, not all student immediately finds their way out of the expensive college education. Some may take months and even years to be totally debt free, The Tony Bates reported.

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