Buy One Get One Free' College Degrees Made More Affordable


"Buy one get one" free degree offer has just been released by elite universities all across the UK. The act is just one of the ways to make college more affordable and attractive to their potential enrollees.

As the release, if the Alevel result is getting nearer, colleges are doing various strategies on how to attract more smart students to enroll to their campuses. Course discounts, giving away of free iPads, free airport courses and Premier League champions free tickets are just some of the offers UK colleges are giving.

Why is this so?

The universities started offering discounts and freebies days after the total lift of the cap on the limit of the number of students per college was lifted. This is also due to the smaller population count of 18-year olds this year.

Brexit is also expected to limit the number of foreign labors coming to the country that is why colleges believe that they have to begin equipping their future workforce, The Telegraph reported.

York University and Lancaster University are giving away a 10 percent discount for post graduate courses. Lancaster plans to eventually increase the discount to 20 percent after the students have completed their initial course.

Kent University is offering £1,000 discount for post graduate courses. A student's family member is also entitled to a 10 percent discount on the first year of their degree course.

Kingston, on the other hand, is giving away a master's degree discount of 25 percent which can only be availed after the students have completed their first degree.

Signing up to an undergraduate degree, straight-A students will be receiving a £10,000 worth of free master's degree.

Though students were given a lot of choices and discount offers to choose from, universities believe that the buy one gets one free college degree will be considered the best offer and the university giving the offer will have the highest number of enrollees, The Guardian reported.

Here is a preview on some of the affordable colleges offering amazing discounts.

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