Poverty On Education, How Much Poverty Impacts Education And Learners


Poverty being a global concern plays a major role not only in the economic status of the society but it also has a great amount of impact on a person's educational development.

Various aspects of life essential to human development need nurturing. The nourishment they need must be well provided in order for a person to be holistically complete.

A research conducted by the Ontario Child Health Study reveals that there is a direct link between lack of income and chronic health problems, psychiatric disorders and social and academic functions.

Education clearly reflects the effect of low family income on a child. It can be the best output to gauge the severity of poverty's effect.

Experts say that if the primary needs of a child are not provided at his early age, the formation of new brain cells slows down and the healthy neural circuitry in the brain creates an emotional dysfunction. These inhibit the child's emotional and social development hindering his readiness for school.

Readiness for school is at its lowest level in places where families are average to low wage earners. Children from low-income families are more likely to start school later than those who came from above average wage earners.

The formation of a child's personality begins at home. It is provided by the family before they can be ready for school. However, poverty often deprives children of the essentials they need, The ASCD reported.

Children from low-income families enter school without having enough school readiness which is necessary during the formative years. They tend to perform slower than their peers.

Sadly the school has limited capacity to fill in the gap and complete the parts that should have been inculcated beforehand. Although this does not mean that there is nothing that schools cannot do, for it is never too late.

Schools can take advantage of that limited capacity and turn it into something that can boost a child's confidence. Counseling and interventions can be done by educators to help students cope with the effects of poverty.

Education may be affected by poverty but there is something education can do to overcome the effects of poverty, Pulsus Pediatrics, and Child Health reported.

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