Education Research, Why Teachers Resort To Other Teaching Methods


An education research conducted by Durham University researchers intended to provide an intervention on primary student learning was given to some teachers to be tested of its effectivity on students and efficiency on teachers.

The education research which aims to study teaching best practices and come up with more effective ways of approach, however, failed to achieve its results over teachers and students as well for some reasons the distributors had to find out, The Korbel Psych reported.

On their conquest to find out why the teachers no longer used the educational research materials on their teaching, the distribution team found out several reasons behind the problem.

One main problem found was that the education research was designed and created by researchers considering the style that would fit a researcher. It would have been better if the view of educators were considered in the construction of materials.

Some researchers would consider exerting effort in reaching out to teachers who will be the ones using the material. In the case of education research, the researchers have done their job really well considering their professional context. However, this does not always apply to teaching method as an educator would often resort to evidence-based teaching.

Stephen Gorard, a Durham researcher said that one probable reason why teachers did not use the education research was there were contents in the research that were more of practitioner approach which makes it hard for teachers to read.

The biggest possible reason on the teachers' refusal to use education research is that they do not have the luxury of time. Teachers are often limited to a few free hours to read and are more occupied by the lesson preparation and the actual execution itself.

Keith Taber, University of Cambridge science education professor and Chemistry Education Research and Practice journal editor said that teachers ideally are to bridge the gap. That is why there is a need for teachers who are professional to be able to engage in research and have enough time to study and execute their contents well, Education in Chemistry reported.

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