Medicaid Insures Health And Provides Education And Work Opportunities To Clients


Medicaid clients will now no longer just enjoy the health benefits they can acquire but the opportunities that the company is giving them as well.

Just recently Medicaid started their program called the Life Services. The program aims to provide not only the medical needs of the client but to connect them to wider educational opportunities and eventually be able to find work.

CareSource is one of the companies that Medicaid holders can choose from is the main name behind the Life Services program. They serve as the connector between the job seeking clients and their other clients who have the resources for both education and employment.

Karin VanZant, CareSource Director said that they wanted to find what else the agency is not doing to improve the lives of their clients. They later realized that if they could help them get a job, then that would make life easier for the parents as this will lessen their anxiety over their families' needs.

CareSource has 155,000 clients in Franklin County alone while 1.3 million others in Ohio. This large figure shows more connections and bigger doors of opportunity for their clients who are in need of assistance.

Since CareSource began, more and more companies are connecting to them, offering entry-level positions and jobs that will qualify even the under-educated clients. Some of the connecting companies are Partners for Kids health-management program and the Children's, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

Medicaid believes that meaningful work is an important element to achieving a healthy lifestyle. They also want their clients to see that being ill or having someone in the family ill means losing hope and just allowing debt to pile up.

With the health, education and employment assistance that Medicaid is opening for their clients, they are making them see that there is always a solution to every problem and that the government is working out to make it available to everyone, The Medicaid reported.

Watch this video for more of the Medicaid Services.

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