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Arizona State University Researchers Unveil Virtual Reality Headset: Most Advanced Prosthetics Technology? [VIDEO


Arizona State University researchers, headed by Dr. Bradley Greger alongside a group of PhD students finally unveil advanced prosthetics technology: a virtual reality headset-controlled synthetic limb. The group is currently in talks with Mayo Clinic's patients for a final technology testing.

The creation of prosthetics has always remained a great leap taken by humans in the field of technological advancement, Popular Mechanics reported.

Hence, with its impact, the ripple continues the same effect and thus creates another ripple as well.

That is the reason why our perspective over the use of prosthetics, whether for substituting a lost body part or for enhancing form, expectedly changes over time.

Now, a group of researchers from Arizona State University (ASU) deemed it necessary to tweak the complacent placement of synthetic limbs in the body.

While they were right to think so, the use of prosthetics had long been noted as inconvenient for it obviously remains just another separate extension of the body, Fox 10 reported.

And so, this group of technology-oriented students in ASU updated and created a link connecting the synthetic limb to the person's cerebral control.

This state-of-the-art of invention involves the conspicuously breathtaking art of virtual reality.

"We opted to create a synthetic limb that moves around whenever and wherever the wearer wants it to be", Dr. Greger said in an interview with Fox 10.

The new prosthetics technology has been inspected and was seen to work very effectively with the aid of the virtual reality headset.

It is even claimed to be as mundane as a person wearing the headset, looking into a screen and moving one's toes and fingers without actually moving them for real.

In separate news, high-technology companies with the likes of HoloLens, Meta, Magic Leap, etc. are currently setting eyes on reality solutions for the main purposes of creating another ripple in the water, go against complacency and, without much cliché, build a better life in the future, Singularity Hub reported.

At the helm of all these breathtaking technological advancements, there is no denying that the consciousness of humanity has clearly been anchored on virtual reality and eventual AI as the singular source of power in the future, Singularity Hub again reported.

However, the most significant leaps have been taken in the past decades when engineering and aesthetic design collided, and at a major point, fused, Professor Saeed Zahedi- prosthetic designer at Blatchford Technology Centre in Basingstoke stated in Independent.  

Perhaps the said researchers at ASU can be elevated as continuing figures to the legacy made decades ago.

The group is currently in talks with Mayo Clinic's patients for a final technology testing!

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