Arizona State University

Denny Sanford Donates $28 million To National University [VIDEO]

Apr 20, 2017 AM EDT The donation will suppor three programs such as Sanford Harmony, Sanford Inspire and the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy.

NASA Funds 5 University Research Teams To Build New Aircraft Concepts

Apr 06, 2017 AM EDT Are you ready to see new airplanes? Well, NASA is.

Find The 9th Planet: Join The Search Party & Help Arizona State University

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT The idea of finding the 9th planet in our solar system is so exciting and appealing that when the Arizona State University asked for help in the search, a lot of agencies have responded.

Arizona State University Receives Over 1.2 Million Insects For Research

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT Renowned entomologists Charles and Lois O'Brien have donated their beloved insects worth $12 million to the Arizona State University.

Octogenarian Couple Donates Their Bug Collection Worth Millions [VIDEO]

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT Octogenarian entomologists Lois and Charlie O'Brien has travelled the wold for weevils ang planthoppers. They have both contributed greatly to the scientific research of insects.

Top 10 Most Affordable Online Colleges – Part 1

Mar 01, 2017 AM EST Online colleges are more affordable than traditional college or university.

College Degrees Pay Off in the Long Run for Arizona Workers, Study finds

Nov 16, 2016 PM EST A study of pay records belonging to more than 270,000 Arizonans showed that the higher the degree of education a person has, the higher the salary bracket he/she might have.

NSF Graduate Research Urges ASU Engineering Students To Make Impact

Nov 10, 2016 AM EST The NSF Graduate Research Fellowships is supporting ASU Engineering students to make exceptional achievements.

Arizona State University - Tempe Outranks Stanford and MIT as Most Innovative Schoolari

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT The Arizona State University has outranked Stanford and MIT as the most innovative school. Some of the criteria include improvements made on faculty, curriculum, and student life

ASU Sorority Denies $200,000 Price Tag On Recruitment Video

Aug 18, 2016 AM EDT An Arizona State University sorority insisted that their recruitment video was not as expensive as it looks.

Arizona State University Researchers Unveil Virtual Reality Headset: Most Advanced Prosthetics Technology? [VIDEO]

Jul 27, 2016 PM EDT Arizona State University researchers, headed by Dr. Bradley Greger alongside a group of PhD students finally unveil advanced prosthetics technology: a virtual reality headset-controlled synthetic ...

Scientists at Arizona State University Shooting for Moon With a Small Size Satellite

Jun 29, 2016 AM EDT The Arizona State University team is working on a tiny spacecraft that will collect important information about lunar.

Arizona State University Professor Debra Schwartz Found Dead Near Oak Creek Canyon!

May 09, 2016 AM EDT The body of missing Arizona State University Professor Deb Schwartz was discovered near Oak Creek Canyon on Sunday morning, the Coconino County Sheriff's Office said.

TKE Frat Issues Public Apology; Places ASU Chapter on Probation for Racist MLK Party (UPDATE)

Jan 25, 2014 AM EST In response to the expulsion of local fraternity, the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) chapter from ASU, its national body has decided to impose tough disciplinary actions on Arizona State University (ASU) ...

ASU Suspends Frat for Holding Racist MLK Party

Jan 23, 2014 AM EST Arizona State University (ASU) has suspended activities of local Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) chapter for organizing a racially offensive party that coincided with Martin Luther King's birthday. White ...

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