Academic Policy Amendment: Possible Solution To Past 'Education Wars', Says Clinton! [VIDEO]


A recently updated and amended academic policy may offer a very possible solution to past "Education Wars" that had been smoldering the American flag from time immemorial. Clinton gives her thumb to this new law by implying that she is by all definition, trying to move away from the overrated wars!

Clinton's gentle rival, Democratic Presidential contender Bernie Sanders explicated during their Orlando Florida party platform meeting that the best means for the government to fund higher education is to remove tuition from all public school colleges at the same time, the Hechinger Report reported.

Although this may seem an academic suicide, bigger opportunities would reportedly be at stake at the dismissal of such idea such that it would entirely shun the surprisingly brilliant promise of the "Robin Hood tax" for the less-income academics.

As Sanders would put it, it simply entails the logic of taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor.

But Hillary Clinton, also a Democratic Presidential bidder, further deemed the idea as rather "giveaway to the rich", the Hechinger Report again reported.

Sander's said proposition was taken from the latest rip-off of the No Child Left Behind Act which is the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Thus, it has since become the new buzz in the July Democrat meeting in Orlando.

To Clinton's delight, having been struggling with crossing over warring sides between teachers union and charters schools, the new amended academic policy strongly promises an easy way of redounding the civil needs of both parties; a scenario the U.S. Education arena had been craving for ever since, Huffington Post reported.

It has evident in Clinton's latest actions that she is yelling a new cry on unifying the education parties and moving away from the past overrated Education wars with her reforms.

The newly amended ESSA policy takes in, to a grand attempt, the action of uniting even the highly conflicting parties, Republican and Democratic, another Hechinger Report news article reported.

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