Two Faces Of Education Revealed, More Debates Among Political Academics In The Way? [VIDEO]


The two faces of Education are revisited in Zimmerman's intellectually scribbled opinion in OnlineAthens- the "real world" and the "conventional education"! Given that the binary realities have long been existent, but only just recently pointed out; more debates will definitely be in the way for both the academic and political platforms!

In a recent article, writer Jonathan Zimmerman pens an honest-to-goodness note covering all the necessary angles within the heated debates between "real world education" and the "conventional public educations".

He weighs on both scales Clinton's education reform principles and emphasizes the consensus necessary for identifying the two faces of education.

It an opposite angle, the Republican National Convention ensued and eventually exposed the "great lie" surrounding the K-12 Education program, the Huffington Post reported.

Such lie has been reiterated repeatedly during the RNC and was believed to be centered on students' choice to high-quality Education.

The argumentation raised by the Republican voice was said to state that there is no such thing as "choice" left for the students in the K-12 platform.

Opposing the Democrats' Education reform, Republican academics state that planned reduction of the Title I Funding further estranges the idea of "real world education" from grasp, the Huffington Post again reported.

The Democrats, on the other hand, confidently counters this by stating that there are a lot of education standards district schools can learn from the charter schools and that this adaptation does not necessarily requiere gargantuan risks such as the Republicans' exaggerated claims that federal funding be cut down, US News reported.

It seems that the concepts Charter Schools (conventional education) and Common Core Curriculum (real world education) are two extreme opposing features that had since ignited political-academic debates in the world, Online Athens reported.

For as long as Clinton's reforms and Trump's overrunning policies are in the public's eye, academic debates should cease to cease, the NY Times reported.

There is always a room for improvement in America's warring Education platforms though. When the time comes that one opponent may no longer have to demonize the other, thus an eventual union between the two faces of Education might be hoped for in the future, Online Athens.

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